After much anticipation, the multifaceted musician Whitebear is finally ready to unleash his second official release. Feast your ears on four supersensory sonic offerings, which were originally inspired by the extremely profound metamorphosis and pervasive life alteration that the artist has undergone and overcome, over the past year.

1.Whitebear- Transmute | Release 07:55
2.Whitebear- Depth Charge 05:15
3.Tara Walsh- White Flag (Whitebear Remix) 05:35
4.Whitebear- Depth Charge (Auma Remix) 05:59

Within this resplendent release, we hear the distinct development and elemental evolution of Whitebear’s signature sound, as he experiments with tribal percussion, mind-expanding sound sculpting and earthshaking musical techniques. From the first note of the title song, it is evident that each tune has been imbued with a sense of higher purpose, to guide the listener to a state of centralized clarity, and ultimately, ensue equanimity. However, these tracks are just as powerful and hypnotizing, on the dance floor, as they are intellectually stimulating and spiritually uplifting. Forewarning, the bone-rattling bass and galactic glitches that underlie these psychedelic, auditory adventures will cause one to be enraptured, and dance until night begins to embrace light.

On songs such as Depth Charge, an indescribable amalgamation of Jazz and mid-tempo, broken beats is epitomized. A heaping dose of ivory tickling, from a Rhodes, assures the soulful sway to this unstoppable groove. We are also given a taste of fellow up-and-coming Australian producer, Auma, and his reinterpretation of “Depth Charge”, which seemingly takes on a more so upbeat and pulsating polyrhythm. As the song progresses, it melds marvelously into a dreamlike Dub aesthetic, and playfully augments and inverts the most significant component of the track, the bouncing keys.

This release also features a Whitebear remix of Tara Walsh’s song, “White Flag”, that tugs on the heart strings and contrasts the depth and darkness of ‘Transmute | Release” and “Depth Charge” with its heart activating, nostalgic vibrations.

Whitebear and Shanti Planti, are proud to share these endearing expressions, and hope they provide the darkness in which the listener is able to channel, harness and bring their own light into the shadows that are vital to our growth as spiritual beings.

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