Big thanks to Solar.United.Natives​ for their input and help with our crowdfunding campaign !

it is with great pleasure that we announce that we are adding 2 new perks to our crowdfunding (8 last days left)

we have only 20 “discounted” tickets :
– 60 eu – S.U.N. Festival ticket + 2 albums
– 100 eu – 2 S.U.N. Fest. tickets + 2 albums

get yours @

indiegogo don’t allow paypal payements, so if you wish to can send money to paypal (contact _AT_ and mention in comments that you want SUN ticket ;)

S.U.N. Festival in happening in Hungary since 2013, it one of the best psychedelic european festivals with a great location, chillout lineup and vibe (ticket price is currently 85 eu)

first come, first serve !