Dear Friends,

This post is to highlight and sum up two years of our existence as an online media project! This second year was very challenging and successful. The project is getting bigger and it takes more and more time to manage. However, we are happy to be where we are now, and we are ready to create our future together!

We are trying daily to challenge ourselves and to evolve. Your advice and your visions are very important to us – that’s why we are asking you to share your ideas and thoughts with us (below see chapter “How do you see us in the future ?”).

The 2nd Year Keypoints

In future, we will continue to prepare articles, make interviews and collect a variety of information about events, labels and everything else useful to the community! We believe in the bright future of mind-expanding ambient and downtempo music. We also wish all of us more inspiration and energy to make this world a better place with the help of music, events and – most importantly – the daily actions of each of us!

Future Challenges

  • web site hosting migration (the site is getting a bit slow and we have some problems with people accessing it from Brazil) (if you have IT skills, please contact us)
  • web site technical upgrade (we have many ideas for how to make things even more interactive and easy to use) (if you have html, css, php skills contact us)
  • finding new collaborators to create interesting content (join the team)
  • making the forum more active (join our daily best of the week discussions)

How do you see us in the future?

We want to know and discuss with you the possible future evolution of the project. Please share with us your vision of how we can be useful to you, to artists and to event organisers. We value your time, and the most useful and detailed answers will be rewarded with free and legal music downloads :)

We propose two ways to contact us on this subject, feel free to use any you like or both: Team

As you know, is a result of the dedicated work of a team of several volunteers, and I would like to thank all the people who help us with this project; without them, the project would not have been the way it is. Here below are some of them (please note the list is alphabetically ordered):

Fuluf //
Gagarin Project //
Gordon timesart //
Kevin Fairbanks
Maia Snowdrop
Mønsterhed //
Runa //
Trala Lama
Qwakee //
Watan Psilopsyerebrum // Cocoon (Hemp & Organics) Friends

We would like to thank our friends: Wonderful Solutions,,, live love create project, Radio Multiman and all other friends for their inspiration and support.

We would also like to offer support to all the labels (Altar , Cosmicleaf , Dreaming Awakening , Dubmission , Green Tree , Virtual , Maia Brasil , Merkaba , Microcosmos , Mikellabella , Mystic Sound , Ovnimoon , Sonic Loom , Spaceradio , Suntrip , Trimurti Records) who helped us with our crowdfunding campaign and donated releases that we had the pleasure of offering to you as campaign perks.

Support and Donations

We need your financial help to grow and to be able to maintain the project; if you are able to help with money, visit our donation page. The process is very easy and fast, and each donation counts.

We have some technical IT support needs that we can’t handle on our own, and we would need to hire freelancers. We have ideas as to how to make site more useful with easier visualisation of new music and events. The donations we received last year do not cover our hosting expenses. Another way to help is to regularly share links to our content with your friends.


For me, this project goes beyond the music, and I would like to encourage everyone to follow their way of heart and share this love with the world!

With love and light,
iurii aka gagarin project