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Tell me some things from your early musical steps. Tell me about your musical background.

I started my musical experience with playing acoustic and electric guitars, writing songs and recording them in my home self made studio. I have no musical education and all I know is self learned.

When did you start producing electronic music and what inspired you to start dealing with this genre?

The reason I picked electronic music is the great variety of possibilities that it provides and the directness of working with musical materials and also the technical convenience.

Before creating Zero Cult – in which musical projects have you been involved?

I haven’t participated in any particular project but for several years I have been writing club trance tracks for my fellow DJ friends that are being used in their sets.

Is Zero Cult means something special? How this name was born?

No associations, I’ve been searching for the project name and found it simple and interesting.

How did you met Nick Miamis – the boss of Cosmicleaf Records – and how did you get involved with his label?

I sent Nick my demo recordings, he liked it and further on we began collaborating.

Before day of releasing “Art Of Harmony” – do you thinked that this CD will have so great feedback around the world?

Every musician expects his work to be appreciated but the reactions to this album pleasantly surprised me.

Was there a unifying concept or vision behind your album?

It’s not a conceptual album. It simply reflects a period of my life. Almost all the tracks were written in 2005.

How would you describe your music?

I don’t know… maybe as “PsyPop in slow motion”, hehehe.

What is your method of music creation?

I don’t have any special method of music creation, just working and working.

What equipment do you normally use?

I have a small Behringer studio and almost all my equipment made by them, monitors, mixer, MIDI keybord and others.

What artists would you say have influenced you?

I’m an oldschool guy, so my favourite artists are Jean-Michel Jarre, Klaus Schulze, Tangerine Dream and the other artists from 70’s and 80’s.

What is your favourite album?

My best electronic album ever is J. M. Jarre’s “Oxygen”.

Where does your inspiration comes from?

From my window there is a magnificent view to the sea and the night sky. I think that’s enough inspiration for any artist.

Which Zero Cult’s track do you like especially and why? Which of your tracks do you have a special feeling for?

I do not have any special preferences between my tracks though my first ones have a special meaning to me because of the push they gave me in my work.

How do you like working in collaboration with other artists? Who would you most like to work with?

My only experience in collaborating with other artists is recently recorded track with other Israeli artist called “Nun Project”. It will be released in forthcoming compilation. I’m free to any person’s will to collaborate with me.

Do you listen albums from the other artists from this scene, like Aes Dana, Entheogenic, Solar Fields?

Of course. For example CBL’s new album is amazing in my opinion. I like their music very much.

Do you like goa/psytrance music? If so – tell me your favourites artists.

Progressive style is close to me more than psytrance. I love tunes of Vibrasphere, Lish, Liquid Soul and others.

Where and when was your best and worst party?

I never played on the big parties – only on small clubs and there were two great events in Greece with Side Liner.

What is the best Cosmicleaf album without “Art Of Harmony” in your opinion?

I like all Cosmicleaf albums, every album is interesting and must get attention.

With the new album on the horizon – what has changed for Zero Cult since “Art Of Harmony”? On which stage is now production of your second album?

My new album called “Ikebana” will be released in October and has more dramatic sound.

Do you want to say something especially to your fans?

I am fulfilling my dream and it’s possible because of your support. I would like to thank everyone who listened to my album. All feedbacks are welcomed of course. I hope that my music did something…