Today we are chatting with Earth Child from Barcelona. Nicolas has been involved in the psychedelic
scene since 1993, he plays and produces a variety of Chill focused sounds. Earth Child is also part of the Nutek Chill crew.

Interview is made by Iurii Gagarin on 11/11/2020

Hi Nicolas!
Thank you for finding time to talk to us !
Describe your music in three words ?

Thanks for the work you do on behalf of the psy chill community.
Big Fan !!!!!!
3 words : Music
Not a big fan of tags.

Congratulations for this new release. How long did you work on it ?

This release is a compilation of previous releases from different moments of my musical
journey. They all are collaborations with friends.

Because of the nature of this release, i can’t say exactly how long i worked on it,
Some tracks took me a week or two, some took a couple years.

Where do you gain your inspiration?

Life is the main one.
Nature, emotions, teacher plants, people, travels, ceremony, the morning sky or a hot soup on a
cold day.

I see creativity as the engine of evolution, so everything can be inspirational with a creative

What are your favs tracks from this release ?

They are all special to me cause they all refer to someone important in my life.
The chosen Family with whom I made them.
And furthermore they give me a sort of land mark in time to preserve the memory of those
moments shared with them.
Especially in these times where we are not allowed to gather so easily.

What brought you to music production , what are your main musical influences ?

I have spent my childhood in Ibiza, so music was an important part of the landscape.
Even though I have never learned any instrument, I had a real interest in music since an early
The club scene was already raging on the island in my early adolescence, so I quickly came in
contact with different sounds and built a new understanding of music through dancing and
I also started to spend more time in France for studies and was involved in the early 90s rave
At the same time I had an increasing interest in psychedelic culture and consciousness expanding
experiences. That somehow magically led me to a Goa trance party and started to collect some of
this novel music for me.
After finishing my studies, I went back to the island in 94 and got involved in the outdoor party
scene and started djing.
Playing psy music brought me to the need of understanding how it was made, and one day in
1999 I discovered that everything could be done with a computer with no need of spending
thousands on a full studio. That was a milestone that gave me the opportunity to continue
learning till today.
I listen to a whole bunch of different genres, psytrance of course but also, spanish hip hop,
reggae, icaros, chill, meditation music.
I am in love with melodies and the way they have to transmit a message through emotions.
That would be my main musical influence.

What is your approach to sound synthesis and sound selection : melodies, drums, atmospheres Are they synthesized in the box?

I mostly work on my laptop with Logic so we could say in the box. But, like in this release ,
I also record a lot of organic elements.
Voices, guitars, flutes, drums, nature or everyday sounds; I then sit with all the ingredients and
try to translate them into an emotive frequency.

Any particular equipment you prefer to use during music production?

A comfortable chair, peace of mind and some smokeable salad.
Without those 3 elements no music will come out of me :)

Who are the downtempo artists that inspire you?

There are too many over the years. And I am a big music listener, I enjoy listening to
something new every day.
Lately I really enjoy the vibes from Baptiste Sejourne & Kama lila sol, Bes or Hugo Kant.

What tendencies in psychedelic music do you see nowadays?

Well, with these challenging times for musicians in general, but especially for all dancefloor
focused music, i start to see a lot of focus on exploring new elements, and in the same time
I also see a sort of return to the source.
I believe all forms of art are the mirror where collective consciousness can reflect on every one.
So we can appreciate these tendencies not only in music, but also in many other parts of our
current reality.

Do you have other musical projects ? What shall we expect from you in the future ?

I am currently finalizing a new Ep, called “Medicine Emotions” That will be released on
Nutek Chill most probably in the next 2 months.
I have also been working on some new tracks with “On The Ground” and thinking about giving
birth to a new project for all this material.

Thank you for your time. If you wish to transmit a message to our readers please do it

Was a real pleasure, all my gratitude for the opportunity.
My small message would be:
Embrace the mystery,
Love yourself and reflect it around you.

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