In this new weekly category, we will highlight some of the finest psyart out there. Today we have UV backdrop specialist Ihtianderson. Feel free to leave your own work or that of other artists in the comment section.

Ihti anderson

Yuriy Trachenko started painting in 2005 trying himself with UV acrylics on Black tissue . His dedication to his art exceeded art school knowledge.
In 2007 his wife Revital Chernis Started to help him in painting, she saw a unique special touch and perception. Large scale Backdrops, later they have created a Unique Decoration concept which brought them to an acknowledgement in the visionary art. They have created dance floors, chill outs and gallery spaces at the scenery of psychedelic festivals, art and Music events. Ihtianderson created his own recognizable technique and in 2017 he was invited to teach it in the Visionary Art Academy of Vienna.
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