We would like to present you top 50 albums of 2020, this is possibly the most important moment for us each year, we have been waiting patiently to receive your votes and then discover together the most interesting and notable albums of the year.

As usual we are concentrated on chillout, psychill, psybient, ambient, psydub, dub, psystep music. Also, we would appreciate your comments to this post, share your favorites from 2020 and any other related ideas..

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psybient.org – 2020 – best of results

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50 Best “Album” of the year 2020*

* Community poll results

We thank to all artist for their wonderful music and to the labels that helped to make this happen.
If you like any of this release, you can share an official link to the release, it is always good to share music with friends.

1. Globular, Geoglyph – Messages From The Resonator [Self Released]
2. Carbon Based Lifeforms – Alt:02 [Leftfield Records]
3. Kaya Project – Body.Mind.Soul [Tribal Shift Records]
4. Hedflux – The Philosopher’s Tone [Luminus Music]
5. Lab’s Cloud – Underwater Galaxy [Altar Records]
6. E-Mantra – Drifting [Ensancha El Alma Records]
7. Solar Fields – Movements (Remastered) [Droneform Records]
8. Shwamp – Circus [Mindspring Music]
9. Zen Baboon – Hidden Frogs [Baboon Clinic]
10. Mantismash – Time Seeds [Merkaba Music]
11. Entheogenic – Animism [Self Released]
12. Bluetech – Underwater Cities [Behind The Sky Music]
13. Emog – 11:11, Part 2 [Eucalyptus Network]
14. Zen Baboon – Complete [Baboon Clinic]
15. Hibernation – Organic Technology [Tribal Shift Records]
16. Cell – Live In Corfu [Ultimae Records]
17. Simon Posford – Flux & Contemplation – Portrait Of An Artist In Isolation [Twisted Records]
18. Zymosis – Timeless [Sentimony Records]
19. Liquid Bloom, Poranguí – Peyote Canyon [Desert Trax]
20. E-Mantra – Silence 2 [Melusine Records]
21. Liquid Bloom – Regen: Ambient Meditations [Desert Trax]
22. Liquid Bloom, Tribone – Interbeing [Desert Trax]
23. Tea Tree – Chasm [Mindspring Music]
24. Dalton Trance Teleport – Chillstronomy [Mystic Sound Records]
25. Fluxsense – Pleiadian Alienation [Altar Records]
26. Ekorce – Endless Flow [Merkaba Music]
27. Emog – Cosmic Cruising Tunes [Merkaba Music]
28. Sync24 – Acidious [Leftfield Records]
29. The Flying Mars – Cosmochemistry [Mindspring Music]
30. Drrtywulvz – Psyfidelic [Self Released]
31. Jaguartree – Relics Of Consciousness [Merkaba Music]
32. Solar Fields – Studio Jupiter Live Session [Self Released]
33. Arcturus – Templates [Merkaba Music]
34. Dhamika – Point Of No Return [Self Released]
35. Martins Garden – Avalon [Eucalyptus Network]
36. Ozric Tentacles – Space For The Earth [Kscope]
37. Hibernation – Clockwork Butterfly EP [Tribal Shift Records]
38. Ovnimoon – Volar [Ensancha El Alma Records]
39. Argus – The Garden Of Grace [Altar Records]
40. Lauge – Nothingness [Self Released]
41. Martin Nonstatic – Treeline [Ultimae Records]
42. Jedidiah – Nocturne Frequencies [Microcosmos Records]
43. Suduaya – Magical Forest (2008) [Self Released]
44. Argus – The Eternal Flame [Self Released]
45. Sigil – Since [Self Released]
46. Ascent – Deep Blue Sea [Self Released]
47. Chronos – Helios II [Altar Records]
48. Eurythmy – Infinitum [Shanti Planti]
49. Hinkstep – And Every Once In A While I’d Sing A Song For You [Self Released]
50. Kaya Project – KP01: Selected Guitar Works [Tribal Shift Records]

psybient.org – 2020 – best of results

for other results please visit @ https://www.psybient.org/love/category/best-of-2020/


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