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Supercozi – Aksara 2020 feat. Minima Sheen (Visuals)
‘ Voyage ~ Collection of Chillout Edits & Sound Design ‘ is the first solo down tempo / ambientronica album from Japanese Electronic music producer SUPERCOZI.

EMOG – 11:11 Part 2 [Full Album]

Silkroad – Origin [Psychedelic Visuals] Silkroad – Priest, Mystic Sound Records, Released September 18 2020
Welcome to the wedding! The groom is the Israeli rock star, and the bride is from Bollywood! The celebration is bright, loud, and intense, with the colourful crowd blasting happily! Riffs and rhythms are bold, and cosmic magic is peacefully interlaced with henna designs.

Echosphere – Quintessence [Full EP]

Dub Trees – Sumarian Odyssey (Tarot Deck , Chalice Dub) [Visuals]

Shwamp – Circus [Full Album]

Shwamp returns with his much anticipated third album, Circus. Louis has shifted his focus to the development of melodies and crafting a full journey into each of these tracks. With his intent set to create something innovative and different, he chose a warmer sound with such a chilled and deep dimension. It definitely made this collection of tracks rooted in heart, painting an emotional landscape for us to experience.

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