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[Chill Space Mix Series #003] Gagarin Project – A Merkaba Journey

Merkaba Music offers Intentional and resonant music from the heart to the soul. Since it’s creation, Merkaba has brought to light an incredible amount of modern sounds from all over the world. It was not possible to include all of my gems in 80 minutes mix; it looks like I will have to record a sequel soon.

This mix contains tracks from renowned producers Kalya Scintilla aka Merkaba, Symbolico, SeaMoon and “young blood” additions to the Merkaba label : EMOG, Tactyl, Geometrae, JaguarTree, Electrowavez and Mystral! Check full tracklist and explore the full catalog of Merkaba Music.

Dreamstate Logic – A Place Outside Of Time (Space Ambient Music Video)

YOUTH & Gaudi – 2063: A Dub Odyssey (Psydub Visualization)

YOUTH & Gaudi – 2063: A Dub Odyssey, Released 2016-12-07, Liquid Sound Design Records, LSD97
Dub heavyweights Youth and Gaudi, collude and collide in this massive dub system, psychedelic sound clash. Psi Fi, 3D, straight Outa Cosmic Space astronauts meets growling bass Leviathans.

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