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OCT 09-16

The opening track from Kuba’s sith album “Animalia” ( from Liquid Sound Design)
Written and recorded in Youth’s Space Mountain studio in Spain, the wonderful fusion of organic sounds like flamenco guitars, organs and vocals with synths and chilled beats – ranging from full-on ambient to dubby and playful – is guaranteed to take you on a lush floating journey to the stars and back.

Tactyl – Maybe [Psychedelic Visuals]

[merkaba music]

Takkra – Northern Winds [Psychedelic Visuals]

[sofa beats]

Natural Life Essence – Wetlands (Organic Ambient) [Full Album]


Dave Bessell (db) & Ishq – Pareidolia [Psychedelic Ambient Electronica]

Maluns – Atlantis [Slow Deep Trance]