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Robert Elster – Endless Observations
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Endless Observations, Released 2020-07-24, Liquid Sound Design Records, LSD122
Robert Elster, one-half of the seminal Swedish duo Vibrasphere, returns with a beautifully rich composition for his first downtempo electronic album in over a decade. The result is an eloquent arrangement of complex, warm, cinematic textures perfectly sculpted with the signature hypnotic melodies and impeccable production Elster is renowned for. Atmospheric, uplifting, progressive, melancholy, this album presents each listener an opportunity to explore their own perception of its meaning and will certainly appeal to fans and aficionados alike.
‘Endless Observations’ is the perfect soundtrack to accompany a voyage inward, leaving you both reminiscent and contemplative, pondering the void between distant memories, present thoughts and future dreams.

Robert Elster – Tryptamine Hills

#Astropilot #KayaProject #AstropilotMusic
Astropilot & Kaya Project – Wind Of Change (Downtempo Electronica)
Astropilot Music – AMEP38.

#MysticSoundRecords #ThePsychedelicMuse #Psybient
Ethneomystica Vol. 9 (Compiled By Maiia) [Full Psychill Compilation] VA – Ethneomystica Vol. 9. Released November 19, 2020. Mystic Sound Records. Mystic Sound Records is happy to welcome you in the world of Ethneomystica – a very special compilation carefully crafted by label owner, Maiia!

As always, we celebrate the diversity of ethnic and mystic neoworlds. Smooth and enigmatical guitars weaving to the spacious lullaby for birds. Bobbling dub alternating to the wobbling cartoons with the saxophone around. Free falling breaks, cosmic rides, and many more).

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#SaafiBrothers #ThePsychedelicMuse #Psybient
Saafi Brothers – The Quality Of Being One [Full Album]

E-MANTRA – Returning Home
Release Info : “Drifting” ENSANCHA EL ALMA RECORDS [2020]

[Chill Space Mix Series #007] Pete Ardron (Orchid-Star) – 2020 Reimagined Mix

Pete Ardron is a composer, producer, remixer, DJ, mastering engineer, and musician. Chill fans will know him as a member of the band Orchid-Star. Orchid-Star was formed in 2005 by Pete initially as a live set-up to perform music he’d written for chill-out DJ sets. Their sound comprises a colourful and innovative tapestry of influences including electronica, world music, psychedelia, 20th century classical music woven into fluid dance and downtempo grooves.

He is also Head honcho of label/studio/shop Pink Hampster and an ongoing collaborator with Kwali Kumara and Psibindi.

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