We continue our media partnership with ChillSpace network. Each week we will showcase here fresh music and fresh videos from the biggest chillout music Youtube network – ChillSpace.TV !
The Chill Space Network is YouTube’s largest and most successful team of channels dedicated to promoting chill music and the chill scene.


Sole Spirit – Antigravity

Harmonious vocals combine with lush piano melodies to create slowly evolving heaven-like textures that will take you beyond imagination.

Medicine Drum – Shamans Prayer

Medicine Drum’s “Shaman’s Prayer” features trippy synth sounds augmented by a shamanic chant. An early chill classic brought back to life!

Skytechnic – Flat Signal

Murad Akverdiyev a.k.a. Skytechnic is a sound producer from Turkmenistan. Flat Signal is a flowe deep ambient album. The airy synth pads are adorned with neat percussions, the melodies are soft and bright.

Kyoto – Forest Fairy

Kyoto is Vitalii Zenkov, an electronic composer from Russia. For more than 15 years, he has been producing high-quality music in chill-out, trance, downtempo, ambient. His production is closely associated with natural and cosmic vibrations and is colored with delicate emotional tinctures. His original atmospheric music made him widely recognizable among the fans of psychedelic chill-out and ambient.

Savej – Solstice

Stemming from his fascination of conscious exploration, man’s connection to nature, and cultural wisdom, Savej auditorily guides listeners through Solstice. By creating a compilation of work that infuses ancient cultures with ones in modern day, Savej preserves a worldly resonant vibe to prompt journeys of the mind.

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