This month we are starting a monthly charts, we offer dj’s and other dedicated chillout lovers to express their taste and present us they favourite tracks. An artist will have an opportunity to select the tracks or releases, he can sort them in an alphabetical or any other order. We are starting these charts with a Japan based dj Psy-Amb. Enjoy

top 10 for July by Psy-Amb

01. Sakura – Astronaut Ape ( Planet Meditation 2 )

It’s a real pleasure to see a follow up to the original Planet Meditation album after half a decade. I was
even more pleased to see it includes Doof’s classic tune “Baleshwar Baksheesh”. A great chance for new
listeners to hear a psybient masterpeice. I have chosen Astonaut Ape’s psychill tune Sakura as it really stands out
with it sensual atmosphere and hypnotic rythm. The Ape is really climing the evolutinary ladder – his tunes
just keep getting better and better. Super tune.
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02. Bodhisattva – Kyoto ( Skywolf )

Kyoto is a city a mere one hour away from my home here in Osaka. This tune however is a million light years away
in deep,deep space. Kyoto delivers big time on his new album Skywolf. An epic track that builds and builds into
a flurry of dazzling cosmic dust. Two thumbs up !
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03. Dance Of The Firefly – E-Mantra ( Summer )

DJ Zen has waved his magic wand again and pulled another rabbit out of the hat with his latest compilation “Summer”. Consitantly showcasing
some of the best psybient music on offer, DJ Zen has excelled himslef this time with a super compilation full of potential top 10 numbers.
We all have to have a favorite though so I’ll go with the monumental offering “Dance Of The Firefly” by E-Mantra.
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04.New Leaf – Anchor Hill ( Medicine Grove )

From his base in British Columbia Richard Heart has cooked up an impressive collection of tracks on
his latest release “Medicine Grove”. Full of deep wobbly basslines, tribal percussion and glitch feedback.
For me New Leaf is the standout track here as it encompasses all the best bits of Richard’s skills. Very
laid back and cruisy with a tale to tell.
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05. Critical Mass – Misled Convoy ( Tickling The Dragon’s Tail )

July was a bit quiet regarding new psydub tunes so it is welcome news to see the debut release of Misled Convoy.
Misled Convery is the solo project of New Zealander Michael Hodgson who you may recognize as one half of the successful Pitch Black duo.
The album if packed with dark, brooding, icy dub tunes from a master bass wizard. The standout would have to be Critical Mass – a
12 minute long dub of delay guitars, reverbed pianos all covered in a delious bass goop.
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06. Crystal Genesis – Sundial Aeon ( Analysis )

Polish group Sundial Aeon recently released their sixth studio album and its quite poissbly their best yet. Their albums are always
solid. Analysis really shines with polished production. I could have chosen a number of tracks to include in this top 10 list but
when it comes to favorites it has to be the expressive and expansive psychill number Crystal Genesis.
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07. Array Of Light – Twinshape ( Biosynchronus EP )

Lots of great EPs out in July and here is another. Three tracks of deep psybient sounds from Twin Shape. This tune, Array Of Light, really
stands out with its rippling acid synth lines and growling fuzzy feedback. 12 minutes of it too !
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08. Life Goes On – Wallace Res ( Wallace Res EP )

Net Label Meta Recordings are back with a little a three track EP by Wallace Res. They say good things come in small packages. A super
three track EP of deep psychedelic spacey ambient music. Hope to hear more from this mysterious Wallace character.
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09. Taiga (310 Remix) – Dirtwire ( Ondar EP )

Released on June 30 this is technically a June release but what’s 24 hours when it comes to great music !
An accomplished merging of Tuvan throat singing with electronic and traditional instruments. Dirtwire has cooked
up a very tasty five track release that includes a number or remixes of the standout tune – Taiga. As gmoney777 says
of soundcloud “just brings you into a deep warrior trance but with a side of monk ”
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10. Indigo Sunrise – Om Sagar ( Sagar Om )

Sometimes you come across an album that just gets better with each listen. Om Sagar’s new album Sagar Om is a just such as release.
At first it seems somewhat minimal but the complexity is hidden withing the emotion of the tunes. I wish I could tell you more about this act
but Om Sagar has kind of popped up out of nowhere with this surprising release – kind of like what Hinkstep did a few years back.
Give this a listen – its on bandcamp as a “name your price” download.
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