Friends, we have started our crowdfunding / fundraising campaign in order to update this website. Please read below all details and participated if you can and want to support us. You can read all details directly at crowdfunding page.

Or alternatively you can donate via paypal or bitcoin.

keep in mind that all supporters will receive excellent music from our partners : Altar Records, AstroPilot Music, Dubmission, Maia Brazil, Merkaba Music, Microcosmos, Mystic Sound, OM Mantra and Street Ritual.


we have been online for almost 4 year ! is entirely dedicated to the CHILL universe, over this time we published 400 posts, made 42 interviews and gathered more then 3000 albums and few hundreds links in our catalogs.

— Now – website is super SLOW :(
— We have many ideas and it is time to UPGRADE !

We need your help – join crowdfunding, share this page with your friends ! Supporters will get great music from our partners! Each small help counts !


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We are the only website that is entirely dedicated to this beautiful genre of psy-downtempo music, we are happy to support the scene !

We started in 2013, to become a daily source of “chill” and other mind expanding music. This project is non-commercial. Small team of volunteers, lead by Iurii Gagarin are making constant efforts to keep you updated with news of psychedelic “chill” realm. We are passionate about “chill / downtempo” music and believe that it has a positive impact on humans, music is beneficial for body, mind and spirit !

2 years ago, we successfully crowdfunded forum , and it has now 730 members and 6000+ posts.

Today we need to gather funds, to finance – upgrade and redesign website – make it FAST and more interactive ! We have many ideas and you are welcome to share yours.

We noticed , than our site is outdated, it can take up to 24 seconds to display pages. Many people abandon half open page. We need to fix this.

Why do we need money :

In short we need money to migrate to new server, setup reliable backup and make a code optimization. After this we will redesign website , make interactive and modern.

We want this project to live and evolve, we want to give you a smooth experience of music discovery.

Support us and receive MUSIC (perk’s start with only €1)

We know that money are hard to earn, we appreciate any contribution (1 eu, 5 eu or more). Together, we can put a new milestone in history of psybient / psychill movement !

if you support a campaign you will receive exclusive presents / perks – great high quality lossless music from our partners – best labels in the scene : Altar Records, AstroPilot Music, Dubmission, Maia Brazil, Merkaba Music, Microcosmos, Mystic Sound, OM Mantra and Street Ritual. A list of around 20-40 recent albums for you to choose from. It will be for sure some of best reference in the genre.

How we will spend money (details):

Our first priority is to make website faster and to resolve technical issues. After this, we will design and code new version of website. Crowdfunders will be able to influence new design and functionalities.

1st Priority (speed improvements):

– new hosting (for 2 years) = 300 euros

– backup dropbox pro account (for 3 years) = 300 euros

– database migration technical support = 200 euros

– wordpress migration assistance = 200 euros

– wordpress plugins migration assistance = 300 euros

– wordpress fixes and improvements = 500 euros

– css fixes = 300 euros

– campaign perks/presents (printing stickers and postal services) = 227 euros

– campaign fees 250 eu (indiegogo takes from 10% for services)

———— 1st priority total : 2550 euros ————

2nd priority (new design + developments ) :

– new logo design = 200 euros

– purchase plugin to manage events = 200 euros

– new custom design wordpress theme = 400 euros

– custom developments of wordpress backend = 500 euros

– forum support licence extension ( 2 years) = 200 euros

– campaign fees 150 eu (indiegogo takes from 10% for services)

———— 2nd priority total : 1650 euros ————

– if we gather enough money we will make a digital release to mark our 4th year in the internet space

———— 1st + 2nd priority total : 2550 + 1650 = 4200 euros ————

If we don’t reach entire goal :

We would love to accomplish all plans soon, and all extra cash will help to make things easier. However, if we don’t get all funds now, we will start to implement according to available funds and will make a second crowdfunding campaign later. We need your participation and believe in your support !

The Impact

Our website is the probably one of most important news channels that support chillout music, we help artist and labels to connect with listeners, we help listeners to discover music .

Our website is visited by 40’000 of visitors monthly, we are providing an important source of content from chillout lovers from over 50 countries.

Our has 730 users, there we discuss music, music production and other interesting subjects.


Luckily some of our members have a background in web development and will help to advise in order to find the best solutions.

We will advance step by step to make sure everything go smoothly.

in 2015 we successfully made a crowdfunding campaign and forum is online.

Other Ways You Can Help

There are many ways to contribute and to help us to make this happen :

Share links to this campaign with your network of friends (you can use Indiegogo share tools!)
Invite your friends to facebook event (link coming soon)
Donate now or later via our donation page.
Labels and artists: give us a “shout” in your next newsletter or share on your pages in social medias.

Got questions or propositions ? Contact us

feel free to contact us if you have other ideas or suggestions or if you want to help project and team in some way:


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Thanks for stopping by and for your support :)

with Love and Light, team


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