Some time ago we spoke with Makyo and he gladly shared with us some of his favorite music.

Makyo says:

I like everything we release, otherwise I wouldn’t release it! Sometimes I have to listen to it too much though when mixing, so it can be hard to enjoy it afterwards for a couple years But these are probably the tracks I listen to most and just enjoy every time.

1.) Coming Down : Rasiya
2.) Suzhou River : Makyo
3.) Multiverses: Padmasana
4.) Bhakti : Ishq
5.) Soar Angelic: Makyo
6.) Celestial Reasoning: Jairamji
7.) The Secret Life of Cats: Drumspyder
8.) Soma : Makyo (Jinniyah remix)
9.) Skin As Soft remix : Puff Dragon
10.) A Distant Star: Padmasana
11.) A Rainbow on Curved Hips: The Atmosphere Factory (2016)
12.) Rainsong: Gus Till
13.) Siliconectar v1 : Greg Hunter
14.) Arc en Ciel : Drift (Adham Shaikh)
15.) Evolution: Padmasana
16.) Like A Breath Stolen by the Wind: Makyo
17.) River Man : Natacha Atlas (Makyo remix)
18.) Tuareg dub: Makyo (unreleased)
19.) Kia: Toires
20.) Ayaka’s fave: Laya Yoga Chant: Sat Kartar (Makyo remix)

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