We continue to publish results of the “best of the year” community poll results. Today we share with you the most popular EP releases of the year 2018. EPs are also known as Extended Players – are usually much shorter in length, 3-5 tracks.

Below you can see a listing of the most interesting (“best”) EPs of 2018, as voted in our poll. We sincerely hope you will find your favorite artists in the list and will discover something new. As always, don’t forget to give support to creators of music.

We would appreciate if you share this page with the results in internet in order to bring more attention to our “underground” but growing psychill / psybient scene. It will help to support the “winners” as well. It is our way to thank all ARTIST and LABELS presented here for making awesome music. Good Job guys ! Also make sure to notify artist in the list about our results.

psybient.org – 2018 – best of results

for other results please visit @ https://www.psybient.org/love/category/best-of-2018/

EP of the year 2018:

1 .

Mobitex – 7.9 Ways Of Happiness [Altar Records]

2 .

Kalya Scintilla – Woodland Womp [Merkaba Music]

3 .

5AM – Onward [The Rust Music]

4 .

E-Mantra – Serenity [Melusine Records]

5 .

Hedflux – Mercurial EP [Luminus Music]

6 .

Land Switcher – Realizer [Shanti Planti]

7 .

Symbolico – Human Beans [Merkaba Music]

8 .

Quanta – Portals [Shanti Planti]

9 .

Lo.Renzo – Collected Global Bass [Self Released] Lo.Renzo, Nico, Asha – Rajasthan In Dub EP [Outtalectuals]

10 .

Cabeiri – The Change [AstroPilot Music]

11 .

Androcell – Grumpy Robot EP [Self Released]

12 .

ATYYA – Renew EP [Self Released]

13 .

Master Minded – Fungi Steps [Shanti Planti]

14 .

Hinkstep – I Guess My Heart Got Carried Away [Self Released]

15 .

Merkaba – Tribal Technology Pt. 1 – Ancients Calling [Merkaba Music, Zenon Records]

16 .

Tea Tree – Leguminous [Mindspring Music]

17 .

Drumspyder – Riddle Drum [Self Released]

18 .

Mindex – Eclipsed EP [Time Resonance Music] Mindex – Membrain [Time Resonance Music, Merkaba Music]

19 .

Zen Racoon – Shrine [Baboon Clinic]

20 .

Balancé – This Is Not An Album [Self Released] Face Plant – Spectral Drift [The Rust Music] Green Beats – Jumping And Rumping [Nutek Chill] Illusive Tuna – Dubmarine [Triple Drop Productions] Mystic Crock, Dense – Liaison North [Self Released] Sérgio Walgood – This Place [Self Released] Side Liner – Fantasia [Cosmicleaf Records] Sixis – Mirrored [Enig’matik Records] StereOMantra – Discovery EP [OM Mantra Records] Zymosis – Nichna EP [Sentimony Records]

psybient.org – 2018 – best of results

for other results please visit @ https://www.psybient.org/love/category/best-of-2018/

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