It is time to nominate Best “Festival” of the year 2014 and Best “Festival” experience overall. In our opinion festivals play an extremely important role in connecting music lovers to each other and promoting music. The festival crews find gorgeous locations, install the best available sound systems, work hardly on deco. They also select artists and gather audience around events. There is nothing to be compared as listening to qualitative music outdoors, with sun and wind. Psychedelic Music Festivals are also the rare places that allow psybient/psy-downtempo artists to perform. We do hope that more and more festivals will make efforts to provide decent chillout areas with comfort conditions for people to enjoy music, relax and dance.

Our community selection will give you some ideas for the festivals to attend in future. Also follow our posts as we are preparing to publish the listing of summer festivals for 2015 in the nearest future. Meanwhile you can visualise them in a form of calendar on our festival page.

We at love outdoor festivals and this poll is our way to thank some of the best festival teams for their work. We would appreciate if you share this page with the results over the internet in order to promote the “winners” and our poll, we hope to have more participants and more accurate results.

Best “Festival” of the year 2014:

1. Boom Festival
2. Ozora
3. Psy-Fi
4. Freqs of Nature
5. Sonic Bloom
6. Art Outside
7. Lost theory
8. S.U.N.
9. Shambhala
10. Forestronika
11. Burning Man
12. Free earth
13. Kinnection
14. Lucidity
15. Metsa
16. Ometeotl
17. Photosynthesis
18. Sunrise
19. Symbiosis
20. Universo Paralello

Best “Festival” experience overall:

This results represents the answer of poll participants on the questions “best chillout” experience at Festivals overall.
1. Ozora
2. Boom Festival
3. S.U.N.
4. Ozora 2011
5. Psy-Fi
6. Boom Festival 2006
7. Eclipse Festival 2014 (Montreal QC Canada)
8. Ozora 2013
9. Sonic Bloom
10. Burning Man
11. Catskill chill
12. Enchanted Forest
13. Hadra
14. Lucidity
15. Ozora 2009
16. Ozora 2012
17. Rainbow Serpent
18. S.U.N. Festival 2013
19. Zuvuya Festival
20. Antaris Project

Festival Reports Links 2010-2015 (Video and Pictures) from forum:

have a look at the links we gathered for you in forum, they shall help you to go back to your past experience or get inspired to the new editions of festivals. Feel welcome to participate and complete our reports with the missing ones.

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