Triplicity in association with Eden, Playground of Life & O.T.G. present the Psychedelic Spring Gathering, Easter 2014, to be held in Hereford on 18th April – 21st April. 3 Nights – 4 Stages – Funktion 1 Pro Audio Sound – Fully Licensed – Beautiful Vibes – Beautiful People. Ready?

Full info about the gathering:

Playground of Life

Some words about chill out zone and its organisers.. A beautiful space for you to kick-back and chill-out will be provided by the Playground of Life. They will also make you happy with wholesome and nutritious vegetarian food. Comfortable seating, quality food, beautiful decor and funktion 1 sound as standard..

The Playground of Life is a small eco-community in the making. Their aim is to teach people to make a living from their lifestyles with a strong emphasis on creative self-expression. Their main project is The Shanti Playground chill out stage, combining many art forms we aim to create a synergy between music artists and live performance artists in an organic and unique area with full decor and organic vegetarian cafe.

Chill out Line up:

Akasha, UK (Dubmission Records)
Behind the musical mysteries of Akasha Experience are a dedicated duo of psychedelic adventurers, spreading their dub infused sonic spores across the ether.

Quanta, UK (Shanti Planti Records)
The ‘Quanta’ project is a new and exciting solo project bringing you music that combines various worldwide influences, with the results culminating in down-tempo, glitchy, psychedelic chilled-out dub. Enjoy!!

Tummy Talk, Uk (Broken Robot Records)
Tummy Talk’ is a refreshing new project bringing you music that merges various sounds that give birth to fat, psychedelic, techy electro beats.

Spirit Hood, Portugal (Maia Brasil / Free-Spirit Records)
Paulo has devoted himself exclusively to the production of chill out compilations passing by the follower styles: downtempo, psy dub, Ambient and cinematic music, having previously made a huge gender of mixes. Enamored with the Pysbient, Psydub & Psychill music genres his set will take you on a unkown journey, selecting the finest music suited to the mood of the moment, allowing everyone to vibe together!

Chillinaan, Italy (Purple hexagon Recs)
We are delighted to see the return of this beautiful soul to the next edition of Triplicity.His style mixes tribal rhythms and organic tunes, ethnic instruments and cutting edge synthesizers, to give enjoyment with love.

Celt Islam, UK (Earth City Recordz)
In 2013 Celt Islam saw his first appearance in the Ozora chillout stage as well as for us at Triplicity. In 2014 He returns to Ozora and we are privileged to have him return to The Shanti Playground @ Triplicity with a fusion of music from Sufi, Dub, Electro, Drum and Bass and collaborates it with Islamic/world grooves to create a Dub driven dance crossover.

Atman Construct, UK (Hopskotch/Distant Tremor Records)
From the Waveney Valley area in rural Suffolk, England, Atman Construct is the principle musical identity of Luke Zeitlin. As a composer and producer Atman Construct fuses a unique take on a different styles. Atman Construct is also responsible for compiling the Into This Wired Abyss compilations, showcasing some of the most original new midtempo, psyglitch and chill vibrations emerging from the UK and globally.

DaDa Project, Portugal (N.C.P Records)
The DaDa Project is a unique live music performance. The music is created from samples, pre-recorded noises and it is live improvised with FX & leads. The music genre touches Glitch and ambient while the performances deliver a cinematic enviroment. All the music equipment has been previously set up and prepared to reproduce the sounds at the finger tip without any synchronization. Any live performance is a inprovised moment. Equipment used for live performance: * Laptop * Headphones * Mixer * WAVDJ – VM-108 Machine (Software / loop sampler / FX / Drum machine / keyboard sound) * KORG Kaossilator PRO ( Synthesiser / loop recorder)

Eurythmy, Wales UK (Triple Drop Records)
Eurythmy is the midtempo, psystep project from the mind of Welsh producer Kris Thomas. EurythmY tells an emotive journey of the heart with glitchy punches, psychedelic flares and heavy, heart wobbling bass. His music morphs cutting edge production with acoustic whispers and eastern spins. As music inspired by emotion and mood, Eurythmy literally means a system of rhythmical physical movements to music used to teach musical understanding for therapeutic purposes.The aim is to create electronic music driven from emotion and mood.

Kabbalien, Portugal, (N.C.P Records)
Kabbalien is a music studio scientist and downbeat DJ. His music production is a concept of experimental / Noise & Industrial music. Kabbalien push the boundaries of what is accepted as the norm of music . He record and distroct, voices and use sampled sounds from our day to day to construct electronic music. As a DJ, Kabbalein mix downbeat music from other artists too having a special intrest for industrial / Ethnic/ Ambient/ Glitch/ Tribal & tracks offering strong basslines in general.

Soluble Sounds, UK (Broken Records)

Gnome in space, Portugal
The Shanti Playground found this little gem amongst the dancerfloor at Eden in Bournemouth. A freestyle music composer many styles many genres depending on what mother nature has to give.

DJ Flexagon
We welcome his first appearance in The Shanti Playround. Often found playing at InSpiral lounge, DJing his own Goa/ Psy/ Chillout style since the 90’s and started producing music again after a ‘little’ break.. Flexagon includes his own material in his sets and will be playing chillout through to progressive.

Psionic entity (Psychometric Vision / Soma Sonic)
Psionic Entity is a DJ, producer & promoter who has been heavily involved in the Psytrance Scene in UK for the last 8 years. As Manager of the Psychometric Vision Collective, he is resident DJ at their Liverpool based warehouse party/club night; Soma Sonic. During this time he has performed regularly all over UK & many festivals in Europe & Asia. His sets vary greatly to suit the time and the vibe of the party, reflecting the different energies of nature & the full spectrum of human experience. Having made a name for himself blasting psytrance dancefloors around the globe, he is now wishing to share his massive collection & love of downtempo music. Catch him at the Playground of Life Stage guiding listeners through a hypnotic ambient journey of Foresty Downtempo & Psydub.

False identity
Excited to be introducing this new addition to The Shanti Playground… Charlie Bartlett, who has been producing electronic music for 4 years now, with an aim of creating emotive and interesting music. Haunting melodies and sculpted soundscapes come together to construct an immersive sonic experience that resonates deeply.


Twin synthesis