Dear friends, don’t miss magic Eco-dance event of this summer is Trimurti 2014! Trimurti – the trinity of nature, creativity and human being. The eighth festival takes place in 200 kilometres from Moscow from 11th to 15th of June.

A combination of the most modern genres of electronic and live music is represented on three unique stages, including chill out and alternative stage. Full and updated lineup is visible at festival website and for your convinience chill lineup is just below.

Chill out stage line up


Aquascape Altar Records / Russia
Astronaut Ape Microcosmos :: Trimurti Records / Russia
Atriohm / chill Parvati Records / Macedonia
By The Rain Trimurti Records / Turkey
Chitoon Acidbox Records / Russia
Choop Project Space Radio Records / Russia
Chronos Altar Records / Russia
Diggadgy / Russia
Dream Stalker / chill Altar :: Trimurti Records / Russia
Folkbeat RF / Russia
Giallo / Russia
Heliopatis Microcosmos Records / Russia
Human Factor / Russia
Iztumana / Russia
Kaustica / Russia
Kayatma Trimurti Records / Russia
Kliment Dichev Electric Dream Records / Bulgaria
Liquid Crystal Mudra Records / Russia
Mystic Rose / Russia
Ren Toudu Ovnimoon Records / Sweden
Timooon Vertigo Records / Russia
Uchu Space Radio Records / Russia
Tatiana Kalmykova (SWA) & Live Earth band / Russia


Afro Mudra Records / Russia
Bookinist The Dreamers United / Russia
Shamanic Sun Spirit Lab / Russia
Spacely Mudra Records / Russia

Along with that you can see colourful light-, fire-, and pyrotechnic shows, dance performances, freak parades and Eco flash-mobs. Plenty of photo-exhibitions and art installations makes a great museum of modern art from the festival, where the fundament is the natural ground, the walls are the trees and the roof is the June sky. You’ll be given all the opportunities for your creative improvement: in non-stop workshops you can find any class to your taste.

Trimurti is the celebration of the soul. And of the body, of course. A lot of dance classes, yoga, different spiritual practices by well-known masters of Russia and moreover juggling lessons and specially organised fire space are guaranteed.

There is only vegan, vegetarian and Vedic food at the festival, and the alcohol is not allowed.

The trinity of nature, creativity and human being – this space of Trimurti 2014 is waiting for you.

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Trimurti festival has a sister label called Trimurti records, this label has successfully brought to life 3 Various Artist compilations and several EPs and Albums. A new compilation is about to be released soon. Visit their website to discover some good tunes