Hi There,

we are pleased to share the Alternative stage / Chillout lineup of upcoming edition of Antaris Project that will be in Stölln, Germany from 2014-07-11 to 2014-07-14.

Dr Atmo Germany
Ed 2000
Rainer Kranich & Denise Germany
Chris Zippel Germany
Ben Crystal United Kingdom
Dunkle Materie Germany
Bayawaka Israel
DJ Miller Germany
Muschi Moped & the Mechanic Germany
Santana Psydeva Germany
P.Laoss (live) Switzerland
Krisae Germany
DJ Valis Germany
Raviv Germany
T.erra Germany
Kraftfuttermischwerk Germany
Sebastiano Italy
Cosmic Deva United Kingdom
Taiora & Feller Turkey
Bäverdisco Sweden
DJ Liquid Germany
Second Hand Cowboy Netherlands
Spiky Greece
Mat Mushroom Germany
Neobeo Germany
Sangeet Germany
Lab:f Spain
Aquarius Germany
Happy Troll Germany
Dschawenga Germany
Necton Dubified Sweden

more and updated info can be found at: