Fresh news from team. As always the main subject is psy-ambient / psychill / downtempo releases but also events.

Week festivals and events:

Chill Out Festival 2014 (Russia)
Modem Festival 2014 (Croatia)
Midnight Sun Festival 2014 (Norway)
Airbeat One 2014 (Germany)
FLOW Festival (Austria)
Mystic in the Trees (USA)
Rootwire Festival (USA)

all event details and links are in the calendar =>

Fresh releases:

36 – Dream Tempest [Self Released]

Animatronix – Re:Connect [Remixes] [Street Ritual]

Aztalan Sun – Digital Dorje [0743R]

Jaja – Startrail [Cyan Music]

Lumagrove – Human Being Being Human [Self Released]

Misled Convoy – Tickling The Dragon’s Tail [Dubmission Records]

Om Sagar – Sagar Om [Self Released]

Sundial Aeon – Analysis [Impact Studio Records]

The Elephant Frame – The Grass Isle EP [Sparkwood Records]

The Paco Project – Desert Star EP [Space Alchemy Lab]

Various Artists – Flashback Ambient [Plexus Music]

Vena Portae – Dream Flow [Time Resonance Music]

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