Reaching out into the deepest realms of your imagination and displaying, sharing that glorious, that grotesque, that unparalleled treasure you find within is one of the pillars of the Ozora experience. The experience of a parallel existence created by our diversely colored dreams and visions of the same pure unblemished space, paradise on earth, our fairy tale.

Don’t miss the incredible Ozora experience this year from 29 July till 3 August.

Ozora Chill Out Stage 2014 Line Up

Aliji (UK)
Celt Islam (UK)
Dj Fada (BR)
Dj Nod (US)
Experimental Sound Project (UK)
Hadron Orchestra (HU)
IshDub (MX)
Josko (UK)
Maha Sun (CH)
Mixmaster Morris (UK)
Nova (UK)
Nuno (BR)
Sukhush (US)
T.S.R. (Solar Fields & Carbon Based Lifeforms) (SE)
Tripswitch (UK)
Vlastur Dub (GR)
Youths (UK)

This is a preview of lineup and we are expecting it to grow bigger, for more info and to view the latest version of lineup visit ozora website at:

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