Today we are chatting with Hang Massive (Hang Drum duo Danny & Markus) from Europe, The duo is playing hang music since 2010 in the UK. They are currently part of : Massive Vibe Live which is sourced in the Training of Balanced View. Also, the artist is currently working on a Hip-Hop based collaboration with Indian producer Wazulu and a new Hang Massive album, funded by their recent collaboration with Pledge Music campaign, is set to be released in September 2015.

Interview is made by Watan Psilopsyreberum on 02/03/2015

Intro: Elementary Love made by soothing acoustic frequencies and earthly instruments — Hang Massive with their massive performances playing the Hang Drum instrument share their world of sounds in an exclusive interview during their visit to India, the land of mystics. Together they started the journey into hang sounds in the summer of 2010 and gained successfully with their debut album ‘Beats for your feet’ in 2011. Since then, they have performed all over the world.

First of all, welcoming you shanti-tribe, could you please start off by telling us something about your unique project, how it originated?

Danny:  I first met somebody with a Hang way back in 2005 and then in 2006 I travelled to Switzerland to purchase my first one. In the first years I played a lot with Daniel Waples ( ) as The Hang Playing Hedge Monkeys. We released one album together called Vesica Piscis. Mainly due to geographical location we stopped playing together so much and then was when I met Markus. We started initially playing Hang and Djembe together and that quickly progressed on to playing two hangs. In the beginning we played many hours together in the streets and that is where the basis of Hang Massive was formed.

How did your journey into the acoustic music started?

Danny: I started playing the clarinet and saxophone in school and then when I started travelling, I experimented with many world instruments such as didgeridoo and percussion.

Markus Offbeat: I grew up with acoustic music being part of my daily life with my father being an epic drummer and musician and my mother playing saxophone.  They inspired and kept alive my passion for music. My father bought me my first instrument that was the ukulele as my hands were too small for the guitar. I studied violin for three years as part of my school studies and shortly after testing out more instruments it was clear my passion lay in the rhythmic session.

Please explain about your instrument – Hang Drum also known as Space Drum, what are the mechanics and dimensions of this instrument?

Danny:The Hang was created in the year 2000 in Berne, Switzerland by Felix Rohner and Sabina Scharer. They had been making traditional steel pans for many years and their experimentation with that led onto the creation of the hang. There is detailed information on Wikipedia).

As you know, artists are fan of artists, it’s a mutual love shared so who are the artists that excite you?

Danny: The Staves, SickFlip, Fat Freddys Drop, OTT, Xavier Rudd, Gaudi, Syster Sol, The Many Rivers Ensemble.

Offbeat: The Doors,The Beatles,Buju Banton,Bob Marley,Blind Melon,Guns and Roses, Syster Sol,The Fugees, Cypress Hill, Wu Tang Clan.

Who are your inspirations and how you get inspired to mixing different elements, is your project a multi-instrumental?

Danny: We are working on many collaborations, both with other acoustical instruments and many genres of electronic and sample based music. The first Hang Massive albums were live recordings featuring only the Hang, however in the future we will be working on a wide variety of constellations. We get inspired by all of the people that show up in our lives.

Any other projects you have been working on currently other than Hang Massive?

Offbeat: We are currently working together and performing in a project called Massive Vibe live which is sourced in the Training of Balanced View ( . All of the music and lyrics have the single focus of Human empowerment and are shared in the context of “Education in the nature of mind”. Hang Massive was conceived in and continues to flourish due to the support from the training of Balanced View.

Any of your EP or album release that you want to talk about?

Danny:  2015 is going to be very exciting and we will be releasing a number of EPs and albums.

The next release will be a seven track EP called Marine Migration. It is the first release from our collaboration with UK based producer J Rokka and features Victoria Grebezs on vocals. The EP features the original track, some different mixes and some awesome remixes from some amazing producers including Gaudi and Atomic Drop. That release will be followed by a full length album called “ Celestial Colour “ which is a journey through many genres of electronic music all featuring the sounds of the Hang. We are currently working on a Hip-Hop based collaboration with Indian producer Wazulu and we are also working on a new Hang Massive album that was funded by our recent Pledge Music campaign. That is scheduled for release in September 2015. A wide variety and range of epic music!

What are your views about experimental music mixing with aboriginal sounds? Would you also link your music with Tribal music, like more of a tribal style?

Offbeat: We are open to work in any direction and are excited by many different possibilities.  We love to see who shows up and is open to the vibe and wanting to contribute and collaborate.

Danny: In these days the world is so connected through travel and the internet and so many cultures and ideas can all blend together. This is the world that we increasingly live in and I find this fascinating and exciting.

What are the key aspects of acoustic music, should there be a pinch of psychedelic s brought from the other world, as we say using psychedelic substances, or an acoustic instrument itself is a medium?

Danny: We do not use any psychedelics in the creation of our music. Through relaxing as the intelligence of the universe we find that all issues forth spontaneously as is perfect for each persons strengths, gifts and talents.

Offbeat: Relaxation for me is the key in all of my activities. From that profound simplicity all that I share arises, pure and free. No need for anything else.

Which are your favorite open-air festivals around the world?, where was your first gig? and which is your memorable one?

Danny: I love Shambala Festival in the UK and we recently performed at the Vasundhara festival in India which was awesome. Our first gigs were in Estonia in an awesome ancient Mannor.

Your first album with The Many Rivers Ensemble released this March, please tell us something about the album and the label that released it.

Danny: Our first album as part of The Many Rivers Ensemble released this March. This is a group that we played and recorded with in the USA in 2012. The group met spontaneously and joined together for a shared recording project. The results of that recording were so wonderful that we decided to collate an album that could be shared with the world. It was a truly beautiful experience and the music is awesome! The label that conceived the idea for the session and arranged the recording and also the process of mixing, mastering and releasing the album is called Curve Blue. It is run by a friend of ours in Colorado called Mickey Houlihan – he is a great guy!

What would you suggest to today’s aspiring artists?

Offbeat: Relax deeply in all that you are doing and keep on sharing your passions with the world and beyond. The ‘Gift Economy’ is the way forward. By giving quality for free in all areas of life, people will recognize it and thank you for sharing in all forms of gratitude. Only by sharing in the highest quality we will make sure that people of the world have the best at their disposal regardless of the ability to contribute financially. These ripple effects will allow for people to choose what they want to see more of in the world. We built all of Hang Massive on the ‘Gift Economy’ and can ensure you that it works.

Thank you for taking time to have a caht with us and thank you for your music ! Any special message that you want to give to your fans or rather the ‘Tribe’ out there, any special upcoming events, album?

Danny: Keep your eyes on the website and Facebook pages for all the latest info. Download the music, share it with your friends and enjoy the offerings of Hang Massive.