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Have an awesome week and enjoy new music below!

Week events and festivals:

  • Desert Dwellers: The Great Mystery Tour – Nevada City (USA)
  • Mystic Friday Meets Chromanova (Germany)
  • Bicycle Day (USA)
  • Desert Dwellers: The Great Mystery Tour – San Francisco (USA)
  • Blue Planet Corporation (Kiev, Ukraine)
  • Bicycle Day (Paris, France)

All event details and links are in the calendar.

Recent Releases:

Beat-D-Fender – Skywalking – Self Released
Beatfarmer – Cosmic Playground – Self Released
Bumble – Symbiota – Shanti Planti
Chris Zippel / Genuine – Archives Vol. 1 – Self Released
Deborah Martin – Under The Moon (20th Anniversary Edition) – Spotted Peccary Music
Dense – Splendensity Vol. 1 – Cosmicleaf Records
Ecometric – Self – Self Released
Erik Wøllo – Blue Radiance – Spotted Peccary Music
Frore & Shane Morris – Blood Moon – Spotted Peccary Music
Hinkstep – The First Steps – Self Released
mcthfg – Materials: Part Three – Dubmission Records
Mick Chillage – Pixels II – Anodize
Odiolab – Medieval – BMSS Records
Sattyananda – Ashtanga Yoga Chants – Audio Aashram Music
Sheewton – Connecting Words – Uxmal Records
Simurg – Dem Bu Dem – Self Released
Strana 03 – You – Plexus Music
The OriGinALz – Intravenous – Gravitas Recordings
Unhappiness – Everything Ends – Cosmicleaf Records
Various Artists – Cosmic Vol. 1 – Planet Monkey Records
Various Artists – Sounds For The Geniculate Ganglion Vol. II – Xtraplex Records
Various Artists – Tunguska Chillout Grooves Vol. 12 – Tunguska Electronic Music Society

Album of the week 16 selection :

Join us in this week forum poll and discussion and help us to highlight most interesting music.

Album of the week 15 “forum poll” results:

Here are results of our last week forum poll.

Fils des Etoiles – Fils des Etoiles [ Self Released ]

Mathias Fekjaer / Hello Mellow / Steve Hex – Eat, Sleep, Sit, Repeat [ Self Released ]

Hinkstep – My Forest Queen [ Self Released ]

Tribone – The Chant [ Merkaba Music ]

Woob – Intervision 1015 [ Bigamoebasounds ]

Zubzub – Psy-Curious [ Self Released ]

Banco De Gaia – Last Train To Lhasa 20th Anniversary EP [ Disco Gecko Recordings ]

Elevated Mind – Synesthesia EP [ Chillage Records ]

Koan feat. Fatum Sci-Fi & Tatyana Kalmykova – The Sleeping Voices Of Subarctica [ Self Released ]

Monsteen – Residue EP [ Self Released ]

Various Artists – Tupilak [ Iboga Records ]

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Enjoy the warmth!