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it is a pleasure to share with you today our interview with Quanta, great producer from Wales, one of the people behind Shanti Planti collective. We would like to thank to kevin fairbanks for his help of making this questions and to Dreamfaerie for helping to get the answers :)

Hi Shane,

Thanks for finding time to talk to us ! What were the first dub records you had the chance to hear growing up?

King tubby, the police were the first dub influenced stuff I listened to as a kid as well as UB40.

Is there a specific reason why you’ve always connected to this particular style?

The keys, the vibe, alot of dub uses minor keys which I vibe with. Nice positive vibes.

Where do you see dub evolving through the electronic era, especially the psychedelic dub wave?

As far as the delay fractalizes dub will evolve.

With the name Quanta, what is your interest in quantum physics (especially in relation to musical vibrations)?

Quanta is the positive and negative fields of quantum physics. My interest in quantum physics is the unanswered questions of the origins of life and nature.

What do you think about the healing propensity for this music?

Vibration is everything, music has the potential to heal on so many different levels. Always learning more about different frequencies and arranging different frequencies. Constantly learning about the arranging different frequencies and their scales. Learning about the rhythmic patterns. Infinitely learning.

What was the first psybient/psychill/psydub music you heard?

Warp Technique, Pitch Black, later came OTT, Third Ear Audio

Have these genres changed since you first started listening?

Yes, the sound design has definitely advanced and production skills just as any genre has advanced over the years.

When did you start making your own music?

I started making music around 1997/98, I started playing around with my friends studio setup, things were quite different then… atari ST500 and akai s1000, a couple of sound modules and synthesizers. It was all mixed through a spirit studio mixing desk with aux effects.  

Who were some of your main contemporary influences when you first started?

I was quite into Ninja Tunes and trip hop, DJ Food, Aphex Twin, Nightmares on Wax, anything on warp records.

How do you think your individual sound has progressed over the years?

Yes as I’m always watching tutorials, downloading and testing out new software, trying to find new tools to manipulate sound. Just for my own personal interest in exploration of sound design.

What is your production setup like?

Got a few outboard synths, analog mixing desk, analog eurorack set up, outboard effects, cubase, focal monitors, and just about every software that’s interesting. Forever evolving and changing..

Can you take us through your process of creating?

I always like to start with a key that I really connect with. It usually goes… beats, bass, percussion, melodies, sound effects

How about your live setup, what does that incorporate?

I do live 8 track stem sets using ableton live with a couple of midi controllers. Some life effect banks. I always like using stems so it gives me a chance to remix any of my tracks on the fly using live effects.

Do you record on the road or try to keep it at home?

I mainly record at home as I’m use to using all the equipment in my studio when I make a track I just don’t think it would sound the same if I didn’t.

You recently released a new short length record titled, Turning Point. Why did you decide to give it that name, is this the case for you in some way?

It was in reference to a point in the universe where everything is evolving from.

The track “Zion’s Code” features live strings by Amin Milani. How did that get arranged?

Funny enough we met him in the village we lived in in Cornwall UK. He is from Iran and had a wide collection of Persian instruments and was up for doing a recording session.

Do you want to incorporate more live arrangements on your future albums?

Sure, would love to have more live arrangements and work with my musicians. But its difficult to find people to work with in the countryside where we live in Cornwall.

How did you hook up with Shanti Planti Records?

Me and Babak (the other half of Akasha Experience) decided to start Shanti Planti Records after being on a few other labels and not really getting our sound across. We decided to start a collective label where everything was equal and invited a few of our producer friends that were labelless and were up for joining (Eurythmy, Wolf Tech, Whitebear, Land Switcher, Beatroots, Shwex, Mumukshu, Sixis etc.) Basically so the artists can get 100% of the profits of sales from their music with no label cuts. Funds are raised for the label through VA releases.

What advice would you give to those that want to get into this craft?

To be patient and put the time into your production and evolve your own sound.

What does your touring schedule look like for this summer?

To be honest a pretty chill one this year which I’m looking forward to spending more time with my family, gardening and of course making music.

Thank you for your time, all best for your sound adventures !