Hi Harmonic Team, thank you for finding time to talk to us. Last year Harmonic had it’s first edition and it was wonderful, I know that this year there will be a lot of changes including changes of location.
We would like to know more what you are preparing for us this year :)

What have inspired you to make festival?

– The love of sharing and mixing good music (ambient, down tempo, acoustic world, dub) in a main stage with a good sound system with quality conferences in harmony with others.

What are the biggest difficulties for festival preparation?

– Definitely the administration constraints. It’s very difficult to find a place in France where the city council accepts to welcome a festival especially when “electro” is involved.

What are the biggest difficulties during the festival?

– Many difficulties can appear, the worse last year was that we have been stolen (technical materials) just one night before the end… Safety of people and security in general is a big issue.

What make your festival different from others?

– Maybe the mix of different styles of music like electronic, electro acoustic, acoustic, ancient instruments…
added to good conferences, special performances, original workshops and quality organic food, the other part of our concept…

What’s new will be at the next edition of festival?

– A second stage during the day, more concerts (at least four or five per night until 2am), more workshops and of course…A great place to stay… A camping area !

Your festival is international, how many % foreigners did you have last year?

– Not really easy to know exactly, as it was on the French Riviera we had some tourists, but as we had no camping, we had not enough travelers, maybe 5 %.
We really wish to have more this year.

What do you think make people travel and join your event?

– The amazing place, the artists who stay and share some time with people and a very good and warm family evergy… Really quiet and zen during the day , festiv and fun during the evening/night…

What will be the biggest changes from previous editions?

-Camping in a super natural place, more concerts less conferences, a second stage during the day, more worskhops, new artists, and some surprises…


How many stages do you have this year and what are the musical genres that will be presented in each of them?

– We will have two, one during the day at the chai-shop more cosy by its structure and the main with more lives, bigger stage, bigger sound system. Both of them will present ambient, downtempo and accoustic world music. The only difference would maybe more groovy and more dub on the main stage.

How important is chillout stage for your festival?

– A place to be if not interested by conferences or workshops , a warm place to meet people… share a drink or a snack…plus listening good music of course!

Tell us about the location / structure of your chillout stage?

– It will be in the Chaï-shop, a cosy place… with a stage and a real line-up. This “Chaï-Chill-Shop” has been created and is owned by “The Wyagers”, they’ve made a super place with a geode, funky furnitures, sound system, lights, grea decoration a nice bar…

What is the musical concept of this space?

– Many well known Djs and musicians will perform but also It will be a very good place to discover some new talents and have a good time, or appreciate good music in a very nice environment.

Who are the headliners for this year edition?

– Solar Fields, Gaudi, Gnaïa, Goayandi, Goatika, Hyperfrequencies who will play something different for us! ;)


Organizing festival is very challenging task, and it require a lot of planning and a lot of finance. How many % of festival budget is financed with tickets sales and how many % with supplementary income (sponsors, food stands, drinks)?

– It’s very difficult to answer this question as we’ve lost a lot of money last year which is quite normal for a first festival. We have no sponsors, no helps and stands were free last year… The objective of this year would be to balance.

How is your budget spent in % (location, decoration, security, music lineup, other art expenses, promo/communication)?

-Technical costs, music line-up and security are the largest.


What are other activities that you have at the festival a part of music?

– Conferences with different types of subjects going from environment, well being, personal development, spirituality to quantic and even astrology! All alternative centers of interest will be presented, or almost !
But also workshops for adults and children, yoga, meditation, performances, healing area, organic food, artcfraft…

What are other the festivals that are an example on inspiration for you ? If possible tell us what do you like about each of those festivals?

– Ambiosonic for its natural aspect and concept and Boom for their libinal village and their chillout stage.

The summer is very charged with festivals in summer, what do you think about concurrence between different festivals?

– Each festival have its own identity and it’s good for people to have the choice.

What message would you like to send to people who will join this year edition?

– Same as always, “come with your heart and Harmonic will do the rest !”


next edition fb event => https://www.facebook.com/events/900884723341999/

Picture report(s) from previous editions => http://harmonic-festival.com/

Video report(s) from previous editions => https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=86rG928h0Yw


SOLAR FIELDS : https://soundcloud.com/solarfields

GAUDI : https://soundcloud.com/gaudi

GOAYANDI : https://soundcloud.com/goayandi

GNAÏA : https://soundcloud.com/gnaia

GOATIKA Creative lab : https://soundcloud.com/goatika-creative-lab

KUKAN DUB LAGAN : https://soundcloud.com/mikelabella-records

MASTER MARGHERITA : http://mastermargherita.com/

HYPER FREQUENCIES : https://soundcloud.com/hyperfrequencies

MATIBHRAMA : https://soundcloud.com/matibhrama

MISS’TICK : https://soundcloud.com/djmisstick

RAKOON : https://soundcloud.com/rakoonreggae

SYSYPHE : https://soundcloud.com/sysyphe

WOOBEDUB : https://soundcloud.com/woobedub

ROOTSEPPA : https://soundcloud.com/rootsteppa

GUILLEM DESQ : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ruLYsAuDJ0A

Et de nombreuses autres surprises…

Chill-Chaï-shop line up to be anounced…