We gathered for you fresh music from all over the world. And in this occasion we would like to highlight the 1st and 2nd VA compiled by Gagarin Project on new label Live Love Create Music. This label will release our soon to arrive 10 years anniversary VA. Stay tuned.

Support of these releases will help to fund a social project in Ukraine. Donations and support welcome www.buymeacoffee.com/livelovecreate

Live Love Freedom – Live Love Create

Live Love Unity – Live Love Create

March 2023

5AMAperture – Self Released [Album/EP]

A.e.r.o.Tesseract – Self Released [Album/EP]

AkshanDowntempo Selections, Vol.02 – Altar Records [Album/EP]

ArkamenaBreath – Self Released [Album/EP]

AstropilotTenderness – Astropilot Music [Album/EP]

AstropilotWeightless Mind – Astropilot Music [Album/EP]

Astropilot, Unusual Cosmic ProcessInterstellar Journeys: Ethereal Soundscapes From Above – Astropilot Music [Album/EP]

Baba GnohmCabin Fever – Self Released [Single]

Beat BizarreBiz Art Collection, Vol. 002 – Iboga Records [Album/EP]

BeatfarmerRemixed – Self Released [Album/EP]

BeatrootsReset Remedy – The Rust Music [Album/EP]

Beats AntiqueVaranasi – Self Released [Single]

BendjaThe Same Law EP – Hadra Altervision Records [Album/EP]

Bran RichardsScavengers – Colony Productions [Album/EP]

Cayo LargoHaunted Dreams – Cosmicleaf Records [Album/EP]

Contemplation, Chrono.FixionBrain Mechanics – Self Released [Album/EP]

Dabow & L*O*JFlashback – Wormhole Music Group [Single]

DeemsterTopsail – Gravitas Recordings [Album/EP]

Deep In MindNereids – Merkaba Music [Album/EP]

DenseDecember – Cosmicleaf Records [Album/EP]

Devilish Jumps On The StreetsMemory Lane – Self Released [Album/EP]

DimmatLike The Sunshine – Self Released [Single]

DimmatSocotra – Self Released [Album/EP]

Dreamstate LogicStarbound – Self Released [Album/EP]

DreamsterThat’s Skunky – Self Released [Single]

DreamsterThe Circus In 4D – Self Released [Single]

DroplitzWhat The Phonk – Self Released [Album/EP]

Dubnotic & DejalumBioluminescence EP – Visionary Shamanics Records [Album/EP]

EkorcePuzzled – The Rust Music [Album/EP]

EmeshCanopus – Sendero [Album/EP]

Floor TwentyLaced – Muti Music [Album/EP]

Floor TwentyMoving Floorward – Muti Music [Album/EP]

GaudiShakatak – Self Released [Album/EP]

GermindAntimatter, Vol. 6 – Cosmicleaf Records [Album/EP]

GiyoBack From The Dead – Self Released [Single]

Gnomes Of KushSpring – Self Released [Album/EP]

Hardcore BuddhistSucculent – Cosmicleaf Records [Album/EP]

HobiSemblance – Wormhole Music Group [Album/EP]

HypnagogCollected Dream Fragments – Kinematic Records [Album/EP]

InfinatiDilated – Self Released [Single]

InfinatiSynesthesia – Self Released [Single]

JuruatmaAstamayana – Self Released [Album/EP]

Kilowatts & VanekPerennials Remixes – Self Released [Album/EP]

KlaadaThe Remixes – Mindspring Music [Album/EP]

KoanHot Air – Blue Tunes Chillout [Album/EP]

KuniPeaking Duck – Self Released [Single]

Kuni, Scionaugh, Unknown ConceptAftermath – Self Released [Single]

Left Hand Of GodDevolution – Self Released [Album/EP]

Liquid Bloom, Bloomurian, Snow RavenFragrance – Desert Trax [Single]

Liquid Love DropsIshtar Rising – Self Released [Single]

Lo.RenzoMiddle East Honey (N’Gwa Remix) – Ethereal Decibel Records [Single]

Lo.RenzoPoan Collection – Self Released [Album/EP]

Lonely FacesPortal – Tempest Recordings [Album/EP]

LydiaDreams – Altar Records [Album/EP]

M.O.O.SArtifacts Of Pleasure – Lemonchill [Album/EP]

M.O.O.SFlying To Valhalla – Lemonchill [Album/EP]

M.O.O.SHeart Beats – Self Released [Album/EP]

M.O.O.SIbiza Vibes – Self Released [Album/EP]

M.O.O.SReligon Of Dance – Self Released [Album/EP]

MagnetikSkydiving – Cosmicleaf Records [Album/EP]

Martins GardenAqua – Merkaba Music [Album/EP]

MfinityChasm – Self Released [Single]

MindexRebirth Mix (Unreleased Works) – Self Released [Album/EP]

MiramorfIntrospection – Self Released [Album/EP]

Moon TripperHypnotic Frequencies – Self Released [Album/EP]

MoonscapeBeyond – Self Released [Single]

MoregoFascination – Iono Lounge [Album/EP]

Mr. BillPhantasmagorical – Self Released [Album/EP]

Mystic CrockClear Water – Self Released [Album/EP]

Myth MakerTandava Vol. II – Self Released [Album/EP]

Natural Life EssencePure – Liquid Frog Records [Album/EP]

NeuroattackEthereal Feels – Iono Lounge [Album/EP]

Nick BarberThe Ambient Picnic – Self Released [Album/EP]

NsekNema – Muti Music [Album/EP]

OmelAttentivness – Cosmicleaf Records [Album/EP]

OperentziaSaja Hua – Self Released [Album/EP]

Path Of The MooseRadiate – Self Released [Album/EP]

Perpetual LoopBehind The Mask – Digital Duvet Records [Album/EP]

Phungus + NobeatsPlanet Dairy – Black Moon Syndicate [Single]

PopbotSpittle Springs – Billegal Beats [Album/EP]

PopbotSpittle Springs – Billegal Beats [Album/EP]

PoranguíLuayé – Self Released [Single]

PotilottiNew Horizon – Iono Lounge [Album/EP]

PotlatchYour Birthday – Cosmicleaf Records [Album/EP]

QeightEnchanted – Cosmicleaf Records [Album/EP]

Qeight, TranslippersInvisible Birds – Cosmicleaf Records [Album/EP]

QuantaEntwined – Shanti Planti [Album/EP]

Re:SetSons Of Tarots – Muti Music [Album/EP]

S.TsisarLock On – Space Boogie Lab [Album/EP]

Sacred SeedsDistant Images – Self Released [Single]

Sacred SeedsParalleld (Deep Diversity Vol. 7) – Self Released [Single]

SaulaA Long History – Natural Evolution Records [Album/EP]

SaygunSaygun – Intergalactic Smuggler – Mamomam Records [Album/EP]

Seb TaylorIce, Dust, Gears: Vol. 2 – Self Released [Album/EP]

SecondfaceMusic For Sleep – Self Released [Album/EP]

Selenaut Feat. Maksim VerevkinAwakening – Space Boogie Lab [Album/EP]

Shabboo HarperNever Thought – Iono Lounge [Album/EP]

SharkweekSumiyoshi – Self Released [Album/EP]

SigesmundsenRebel At Midnight, Vol. 2 – Cosmicleaf Records [Album/EP]

SigilTony Alien – Self Released [Single]

SleepybutterflyBeyond Consciousness – Ease Division [Album/EP]

SleepybutterflyCelestialist – Ease Division [Album/EP]

SleepybutterflyIlluminated – Ease Division [Album/EP]

SoloeDualism – Merkaba Music [Album/EP]

Spacey KoalaJazz Of All Trades – Self Released [Album/EP]

State AzureEthereal Landscapes – Self Released [Album/EP]

StellariumPillars Of Light – Exosphere [Album/EP]

StilltripIn Between Worlds – Self Released [Single]

StilltripOvercome – Self Released [Single]

StilltripSmokeblivion – Self Released [Single]

Strana 03 & EguanaSilent Shore – Plexus Music [Album/EP]

Strange SubstanceAlien Thing – Mystic Sound Records [Album/EP]

Sundial AeonRegenesis – Impact Studio Records [Album/EP]

TalexIllusions – Self Released [Album/EP]

The EbertbrothersPolymer Boulevard Remixes – Mindwaves-Music [Album/EP]

The Space CadetSvarf Songs (Music For My Cat) – Self Released [Album/EP]

The UllulatorsMighty Dub Collider. Chapter One – Self Released [Album/EP]

ThreedomFuture Monarchs – Self Released [Album/EP]

Tikki MasalaJust Electric (Tikki Masala, Martyn Zij & Pascal De Lacaze) – Self Released [Album/EP]

Tor.Ma In DubSolve Et Coagula – Self Released [Album/EP]

TransientHammerpants – Self Released [Album/EP]

TriboneYelala – Self Released [Single]

TriptoneSunshine – Cosmicleaf Records [Album/EP]

Twisted PsykieNobody’s Fool – Self Released [Single]

Twisted PsykieThe Missing – Self Released [Album/EP]

Unusual Cosmic ProcessAtlantis (Ambient Rework) – Astropilot Music [Album/EP]

Unusual Cosmic ProcessPolaris (Ambient Rework) – Astropilot Music [Album/EP]

Unusual Cosmic ProcessLight At The Bottom (Ambient Rework) – Astropilot Music [Album/EP]

Unusual Cosmic Process & PantographRe (Ambient Reworks) – Astropilot Music [Album/EP]

Various ArtistsAcross Starfields – Assemblage [Compilation]

Various ArtistsBeyond Horizons – Microcosmos Records [Compilation]

Various ArtistsCubozoa Vol. Il – Psychedelic Jelly [Compilation]

Various ArtistsDowntempo Selections, Vol.02 – Altar Records [Compilation]

Various ArtistsInlight Collective – Vol 1 – Inlight Collective [Compilation]

Vena PortaeSerpentina. Vigilia 1 (24 Bit) – Microcosmos Records [Album/EP]

Venus TheoryDear Entropy – Self Released [Single]

WilldabeastSuperhighway Afterglow – Muti Music [Album/EP]

WoobAd4Ption : Permadeath – Self Released [Album/EP]

YagyaFaded Photographs – Small Plastic Animals [Album/EP]

YahganFirst Travelers – Liquid Frog Records [Album/EP]

YreaneTrue Story – Calligraphy Recordings [Album/EP]

Zenlike CreatureGathering Dust – Visionary Shamanics Records [Album/EP]

ZounglaEntwine (2023 Remaster) – Self Released [Album/EP]

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