Hi there,

starting today we will try to provide you guys with a weekly news, we will try to publish them on monday/wednesday of each week. The main subject will be psychill / downtempo releases but also events. If you have something important to submit – contact us.

Today is week 24 so the news are labeled as 2014 W24.

Week festivals:

Magic Spring Festival 2014 (Germany)
Psychedelic Circus 2014 (Germany)
Plurartes Festival 2014 (Portugal)
Kupuri Festival 2014 (Mexico)

details and links in calendar => https://www.psybient.org/love/psybient-calendar/

Fresh releases:

Bumble & Onda – Kin EP [Regen Records]

Echo Grid – Lustless [Self Released]

Germind – Azure Mirages [Plexus Music]

Halo Refuser – Into Your Layers [Self Released]

Heliopatis – Religion Under Construction [Microcosmos Records]

Kick Bong – Everyday With Hope [Cosmicleaf Records]

Liquid Stranger – Anomaly: Two [Warpath Group]

Makyo – Purnima Remixed [Dakini Records]

P.I.X. – It’s Time To Awake EP [Maia Brasil Records]

Solar Fields – Red [Droneform Records]

Solar Fields – Green [Droneform Records]

Solar Fields – Blue [Droneform Records]

The Human Case – Spiritual Holograms EP [Ovnimoon Records]

Triptone – Lovely Doll [Cosmicleaf Records]

Unusual Cosmic Process – Aquatic [Uxmal Records]

Wei-Chi Field – Birds [Mycelium Music]

Within Reason – Farshadow [Anodize]

– If you want to propose us a release to add to our list please make a comment to our 2014 page with all necessary information. We will review your submission and update information in future.