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Have you already made up your Halloween costumes? Or at least you understand what costume will you buy for it? Just imagine – Halloween party where the dress-code is strict: you shall wear a costume of a person that made a huge contribution or played some role in psychedelic culture. So there will be a bunch of scientists in similar chemical lab dresses, guys in crazy vivid Marry Pranksters dresses and casual persons faking neither-scientists-nor-freaks psychedelic icons.. Maybe some Hindu gurus and goddess? Hm… It first looked boring but now it makes sense! Furthermore if we add ‘psychedelic things’ to the face-control demands we will have lots of plants, aliens and molecules! Such a party!

BTW here is a receipt how to make a psychedelic Halloween cake for the party.

We hope you will have a blast on the weekend, chaps! We wish you to celebrate Halloween with people wearing colourful hypnotic cosmic fancy dresses! With positive vibes only!

Back to the routine. On Monday we published a short interview with StereOMantra. There are just 5 questions so you won’t get bored, we guarantee!

Events and festivals of this week:

System 7, Mirror System, Alex Paterson, Calemma (UK)
Interchill Records at Inspiral for Halloween (UK)
Psychedelic Halloween (FR)

All event details and links are in the calendar.

Album of the week 43 “forum poll” results

AtYyA – Remixes Vol. 1 [ Self Released ] is the winner of the week 43 poll. Let’s celebrate it and check other results with players here. You can still influence the results with your vote!

Recent Releases:

Abra Jey – 1000 Nights And One Day EP – Speedsound Records
Atman Construct – A Beginner’s Guide To Holophony – Luminus Music
Axon Genesis – Psionic Dream – Self Released
Balance – L i g h t n e s s – Self Released
Beatroots – Renegade Sailor – Triple Drop Productions
Flowertz – Kumbhaka – Self Released
Gaza Dub Deploy (Dubsahara & Mauxuam) – Herem (From Jerico To Gaza) – Illicit.Audio
Mirror System – N-Port – A-Wave Records
Nas-Ja – The Owl Chronicles – Self Released
Uasca – Duality Explorer – Electrik Dream
Various Artists – Agency Artist Disclosure – Street Ritual
Various Artists – Cosmic Cake – Uncomfortable Beats
Various Artists – Deep Sea Creatures – Outtalectuals
Various Artists – The Elements: Water EP – Cosm Records
Vejopatis – Anafielas – Cold Tear Records
Vittoria Fleet – Greed LP – n5MD
Woob – Repurpose Origins – Bigamoebasounds
Yarn – Unseen Reflection EP – Blue Tunes Chillout
ZaZeN – Chilling EP – Self Released

Album of the week 44 selection :

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