Hi there,

today, we are happy to publish our weekly news. As always the main subject is psy-ambient / psychill / downtempo releases but also events.

Week festivals:

Solstice Festival (Ruigoord, Netherlands)
Tree of Life Festival 2014 (Turkey)
Forest Star Festival 2014 (Sweden)
Sunrise Festival 2014 (Belgium)
Summer Solstice @ COSM (USA)

details and links in calendar => https://www.psybient.org/love/psybient-calendar/

Fresh releases:

Cafe Amsterdam – Blacklight [Spaceradio Records]

Dagaz – Reflection Of The Soul [Plexus Music]

David Starfire – Awakening [Amrita Recordings]

Dirtwire – Ondar EP [Six Degrees Records]

Emog – Primal Melodies [Self Released]

Entheogenic – Enthymesis [Self Released]

Idlefon – Intensive Collectivity Known As City [Tympanik Audio]

Jeremy’s Aura – Being and Becoming… [Maia Brasil Records]

Kala Hari – Into A New Dawn [Uxmal Records]

Kaminanda – Liminal Spaces [Merkaba Music]

Liquid Stranger – Anomaly: Three [Warpath Group]

Munstrous – Mists Of Time [Glitchy Tonic Records]

niceFingers – Dreamery [Self Released]

Planewalker – Prisoner Of The Sky [Waveguild Records]

Side Liner & Kerensa Stephens – Dreamer (The Remixes) [Cosmicleaf Records]

Solar Quest – Core [Electronic Soundscapes]

Spundose – A Sacred Space [Street Ritual]

Strana 03 – Our Summer [Plexus Music]

Sygnals – Enter Light [Sonic Loom]

Tangent – Transience [Tympanik Audio]

Taruna – Close Up EP [Tarunamusic]

Various Artists – Four Pointed Circle EP [Psyreactor Records]

Various Artists – Future Sound Of The Underground Vol. 4 [Earth City Recordz]

Various Artists – Yellow Lemon Tree [Plexus Music]

Yagya – Sleepygirls [Delsin Records]

If you have something important to submit – contact us:

– If you want to propose us a release to add to our list please make a comment to our 2014 page with all necessary information. We will review your submission and update information in future.
– If you want to add event contact us using contact form.