Fresh news from team. As always the main subject is psy-ambient / psychill / downtempo releases but also events.

Week festivals and events:

BOOM Festival 2014 (Portugal)
Shambala Festival 2014 (Canada)
Elements Gathering 2014 (USA)
Spiritual Healing Festival 2014 (Germany)
Waha Festival 2014 (Romania)
Vuuv Festival 2014 (Germany)
Beloved Festival 2014 (USA)
DayGuide Electronic Festival 2014 (Austria)

all event details and links are in the calendar =>

Fresh releases:

Archa – Alleviation EP [Triple Drop Productions]
E.R.S. – Rebelized [Self Released]
Eurythmy – Prescription Medicine [Broken Records]
Fingers In The Noise – Something Different [Fitn Personal Records]
Guda – Tyromancy [Self Released]
Ioon – Times Of Peace [Spirited Records]
Insectoid Intelligence – Lepidoptera [Self Released]
Integral – Sercosa [Tympanik Audio]
Lars Leonhard – Best Of Unreleased 2010-2012 [Self Released]
Master Minded – The Source Of Life [Maia Brasil Records]
Mick Chillage – Reverie [Txt Recordings]
Potlatch – Whiteout [Cosmicleaf Records]
Reflection – The Art Of Magic [Glitchy Tonic Records]
Saint Janus – Spiritale EP [Avatar Records]
Twin Shape – Biosynchronous EP [Desert Trax]
Various Artists – Planet Meditation 2 [Avatar Records]

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