Hello, Hallo, Namaste,

New week has begun and we keep on colouring the autumn days with fresh psychedelic sounds. We are so pleased to announce that alongside with his new album release, Tyler (Androcell) answered to our interview questions. So get ready for the unique information from one of the most remarkable artists in the psychill world. Coming soon!

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Enjoy weekly news and stay awaken!


Week festivals and events:

Hoop Camp Retreat 2014 (USA)
Sonic Arts Waterford (Ireland)
Cosmic Music Night with AstroPilot (Kiev, Ukraine)
Saturday Chill @ Nomad Chai Bar with MANA WIZARD (Berlin, Germany)

all event details and links are in the calendar => https://www.psybient.org/love/psybient-calendar/

Fresh releases:

Anchor Hill – UniVersAll [Luminosity Project]

Codeas D.M. – Asylum [Mareld]

Cualli – La Ceremonia 2 [Self Released]

Eurythmy – Subjective Matter [Shanti Planti]

Intermixture – Dynamic Interactivity [Street Ritual]

Krusseldorf – Smokers Lounge – Remastered [Self Released]

Mnykin – Fairy Tales [Frog-Hop Records]

Nü Tao – Dragonfunk [Spaceradio Records]

Open Canvas – Relics Of The Sun: Dune Tunes 1997-1999 [Harmonic Resonance Recordings]

Unusual Cosmic Process – No Gravity [Uxmal Records]

Various Artists – Dreaming Awakening Part One [Dreaming Awakening Records]

Various Artists – Flashback Downtempo [Plexus Music]

Various Artists – Peace And Love III [Vertigo Records]

Various Artists – Psychedelic Planet [Six Degrees Records]

Various Artists – Sixth Anniversary [Kissthesound Records]

Interesting articles from the net:

This time in our focus is the interview with Finn McKenna, son of Terence, on psychedelic drugs, art and music, published in the VICE magazine recently: link
Other interesting article that we would like to bring your attention to is Morality and Ethics published at TheVenusProject Magazine. You can read it here.

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