Hey dudes, we continue our monthly charts! As you might remember, we offer artist, dj’s and other dedicated chillout lovers to express their taste and present us they favourite tracks. An artist has an opportunity to select the tracks or releases, he can sort them in an alphabetical or any other order. So this time this artist is Dense, Dj and producer from Hamburg, Germany. Stay chilled!

In 2013 Dense’s latest album „Exhale“ (Altar Rec.) saw the light of the world. In these winter days, the label head of chillgressive tunes is finishing the upcoming GMO vs. Dense album together with GMO a.k.a. Minoru, scheduled for summer, and is busily working on his next solo album.
Beside producing, he‘s responsible for the chillout and downbeat section on leading web radio station Chromanova.fm. Since 2010 you can chill along with „Chill On!“ every Sunday afternoon. Denses long-lasting experience as a DJ and musician for more than two decades is a helping hand to pick out astonishing and stunning tunes. If you know Dense as a DJ on international festivals, you can imagine his focus as host is on uplifting melodic chill out sounds. Supported by many labels, he‘s serving the freshest releases and upgrades the chillout scene with his weekly four-hour transmission and exclusive DJ sets.

top 10 for August by Dense

1. Kyoto – Skywolf

2. Unusual Cosmic Process – Aquatic

3. Germind – Antimatter

4. Forth Dimension – In Between

5. Sygnals – Enter Light

6. Tentura – Theme Patcher (Remix EP)

7. Zero Cult – Aleph EP

8. Perpetual Loop – Molecronsition

9. Side Liner – Lives Left Behind EP

10. VA – Summer

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