Hello, Hallo, Namaste,

There are days when it’s good to stay at home with a cup of hot tea, one of your favourite book and nice downtempo music.. And dream, and write down those thoughts on who I am, what my place in this world is, do I fulfil my mission?! And ask, and get the answers. Like this: “Here is the test to find whether your mission on Earth is finished: if you’re alive, it isn’t.” (Richard Bach) Or … (your version).
Stay chilled and never stop asking questions!


Week festivals and events:

Hydro Psyteam Presents (Greece)
Saturday Chill @ Nomad with NeoBeo (Germany)
ZenZen Ambient Party (Japan)

all event details and links are in the calendar => https://www.psybient.org/love/psybient-calendar/

Fresh releases:

Andrew Heath – The Silent Cartographer [Disco Gecko Recordings]

Cosmic Replicant – Soul Of The Universe [Ektoplazm]

Counter Point – Sounds Of Vintage [Nutek Chill]

Dreadlock Tales – Years 2000-2006 [Self Released]

False Identity – Community Of Me [Self Released]

Heavenly Father – Vistas [Ekstre Records]

Kratos Himself – Dandelion Seeds [Self Released]

Smoke Sign & Ghostwire – A Prayer For The Frogs – Fundraiser EP [Merkaba Music]

Sync24 – Eadgyth [Leftfield Records]

Various Artists – Experiments Vol. 1 [Looney Moon Experiment]

Various Artists – Flashback Enigmatic [Plexus Music]

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