Spring is almost here, last week there were 4 psybient events in Europe and Shpongle show in USA! This week we have 2 ambient events in Europe (Denmark and Hungary), and many many new music. 28 releases have been added to the catalog! It will be impossible to listen to all of them, so join our best of the week discussion to find out the most delicious sounds recommended by community! Sit well and enjoy the news of the week !

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Week events and festivals:

  • Ambient Night (Denmark)
  • Carbon Based Lifeforms @ R33 (Hungary)
  • Shpongle USA Tour – New Orleans (USA)
  • Shpongle USA Tour – Houston (USA)
  • Shpongle USA Tour – Dallas (USA)
  • The Amazones II – Astrologic Party (Portugal)
  • All event details and links are in the calendar.

    Recent Releases:

    2illusions – Childhood – Plexus Music
    Abakus – The Beginning // Dreamer – Modus Records
    Chronos – Technologia – Mystic Sound Records
    Crisopa – A Lucid Dream Kit – n5MD
    Drumspyder – The Principle Of Rhythm – Desert Trax
    Eguana – Life Flows – Cosmicleaf Records
    Emerald Web – Catspaw – Anodize
    Howard Givens & Craig Padilla – Life Flows Water – Spotted Peccary Music
    Hypnotizer – Connecting With Other Minds – Nutek Chill
    Intellitard – Mental Vacation – Street Ritual
    Lars Leonhard & BeatRide – Station 12 – Back Room Recordings
    Lauge – Pusterum – Self Released
    Logan Law – Rebirth EP – Hey Biff Records
    Olulo – Ego Hacker – Spiralight
    Sabled Sun – 2147 – Cryo Chamber
    Simon Lomax – 5 Textures – Council Of Nine
    Sound Strider – Escape Magic – La Briche Records
    Spheruleus – Peripheres – Self Released
    Strana 03 – I Am – Plexus Music
    Stumbleine – Mixtapes – Self Released
    Supersillyus – Interabang Remixed – Self Released Tentura – Beyond Illusion – Sentimony Records
    Theatre Of Love – Dreams Are Toyz – Uxmal Records
    Tipper – Fathoms EP – Self Released
    Triptone – Romance – Cosmicleaf Records
    Various Artists – Peace + Love – Microcosmos Records
    Various Artists – Carved From Ohm – Merkaba Music
    Various Artists – Phaeton Chronicles 2 – Tunguska Electronic Music Society

    Album of the week 10 selection :

    Join us in this week forum poll and discussion and help us to highlight the most interesting music.

    Album of the week 9 “forum poll” results:

    • Symbolico – The Art of Dream Travel
    • Woob – Light and Levitation
    • Blue Lunar Monkey – All One

    more details

    Best of 2014 POLL

    We have received more than 285 votes from over 65 countries! If you haven’t voted yet, you still have chance to get your voice heard and support the one you link. Otherwise invite your friends. Together let’s pick the most interesting ALBUM(s), COMPILATION(s) and LABEL, EVENT, DJ, RADIO and some more categories of 2014.