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Have a great sunny week and enjoy new music below!

Week events and festivals:

  • Tribe of Frog (Bristol, UK)
  • Universal Religion 2015 (Nepal)
  • Konfussion Festival (Spain)

All event details and links are in the calendar.

Recent Releases:

Alignaka – Sanamoonium – Samana Records
Anchor Hill – Subatomic EP –
Argyria – Jai Shiva Shankar – Avatar Records
Aurtas – Tail Blue – Section Records
Bassic – Voco – Self Released
Calicofrost – Tellurian – Self Released
Dhamika – Lost And Found – Self Released
Drøn – Comm – Carpe Sonum
Dubnotic – Human Nature – Visionary Shamanics Records
GearsOfSoul – Heaven On The Earth – Plexus Music
Koan – Retrospective Tapes: Crow Dancer (1993-1995 Selected Works) – Roeth & Grey Recordings
Master Minded – Elements – Merkaba Music
Motionfield – Luftrum – Carpe Sonum
Mumukshu – Abstract Systems – Shanti Planti
r.roo – Deviation – Self Released
Shaman’s Dream – The Four Elements – Self Released
Space Jesus & Esseks – Dopplebangers – Gravitas Recordings
Various Artists – Goamystica Vol. 1 – Mystic Sound Records
Various Artists – Smallprint Vol. 1 – Smallprint Recordings
Various Artists – V/A Compilation #004 Spring 2015 –
VisionarySoundSystem – Eponymous – Big Wave Records

Album of the week 17 selection :

Join us in this week forum poll and discussion and help us to highlight most interesting music.

Album of the week 16 “forum poll” results:

Here are results of our last week forum poll.

Odiolab – Medieval [ BMSS Records ]

Beatfarmer – Cosmic Playground [ Self Released ]

Bumble – Symbiota [ Shanti Planti ]

Frore & Shane Morris – Blood Moon [ Spotted Peccary Music ]

Simurg – Dem Bu Dem [ Self Released ]

Links and players are available in last week post or in the forum.