So now it’s official, we are happy to open our forum public space of self-expressions and sharing to all internet users. If you feel like having a discussion on music, share your tracks or speak about music productions or djing – join Let’s go in chill and harmony!

Let’s choose together album of the week

Today, we want to invite you to help us to choose “most interesting” album of the week. You have one week to vote till we announce the winner. All details in this topic.

Other “HOT” forum topics:

Music streaming industry discussions (soundcloud, mixcloud, spotify, youtube etc)
When did you start listening to psybient / psychill music?
Documentaries – Entheogens, Substances

Week events and festivals:

Androcell // AtYyA (USA)
‘1 Iluminacja” with Banco De Gaia LIVE (Poland)
Embody w/ Androcell, kLL sMTH, Living Light, AtYyA, Halo Refuser & Smoke Sign (USA)
Saturday Chill @ Nomad Chai Bar with Raviv (Germany)
MONO – Winter Wonders (Netherlands)

all event details and links are in the calendar

News from the web:

Interesting results of best of the year poll

Fresh releases:

Akal Dub – In Reverence [Self Released]

Andorra – Dream EP [Self Released]

Dubnotic – Earth Fragment [Visionary Shamanics Records]

Gateway 721 – Departure [Self Released]

Ishq – Autumn Light [Virtual]

Ishq – Winter Light [Virtual]

Mm (Micro Monkey) – The Night Guard [Self Released]

Various Artists – Five Years Of [Subbass]

Various Artists – Parvati In Dub by Vlastur [Parvati Records]

Various Artists – Uxmal Chill 01 [Uxmal Records]

If you have something important to submit – contact us.

– If you want to propose us a release to add to our list please make a comment to our 2014 page with all necessary information. We will review your submission and update information in future.
– If you want to add event contact us using contact form.