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Dubnotic ​- Earth Fragment
Liquid Bloom – Heart Of The Shamans
Quanta – Connecting Patterns
The Wisdom Of Shankara – Doors To The Digital Dimension
Various Artists – Nomad Ambient Vol. 1
Various Artists – Into This Wired Abyss Vol. 4

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Psy Ambient Downtempo Releases Update – January 2015:

Alpha Wave MovementSystem AHarmonic Resonance RecordingsAmbient, SpaceUSA
Akal DubIn ReverenceSelf ReleasedPsydubUSA
Akal DubAirport Remixes Vol. 1Self ReleasedPsydubUSA
AnasaProgressive Beat Stories Vol. 3Cosmicleaf RecordsProgressiveGreece & Israel
AndorraDream EPSelf ReleasedPsychill, PsybientFinland
AnilahWarrior RevisitedSelf ReleasedPsybient, ExperimentalCanada
Autumn Of Communion5Txt RecordingsExperimental, AmbientIreland
AvironSadness & HappinessCosmicleaf RecordsProgressiveAustralia
Beatroots & HobapsTake The Rough With The SmoothTriple Drop ProductionsHip-HopUK
no playerBiokinetixDark Side EPBass Star RecordsBass, Drum & Bass, Psytrance, PsystepFrance
Celt IslamIrfan EPEarth City RecordzPsydubUK
Cheebah SeedPlanting Stars EPSelf ReleasedGlitch, Dub, BassUSA
Devin KroesThrough the WindowChillage RecordsDubstep, BassUSA
DhamikaSolitudeMystic Sound RecordsPsychill, PsybientSweden
DhamikaEnergy FlowAltar RecordsPsychill, Space, AmbientSweden
Dub DillahLight And Order / Luz y OrdenGreen Beats Dub NetlabelDubMexico
Dubnotic​Earth FragmentVisionary Shamanics RecordsPsydub, EthnicUK
no playerEarth GrowlDeep Blue EPKupuri MusicPsychillMexico
Erre Sound SystemAhuayucan DubGreen Beats Dub NetlabelDubMexico
EsseksDrops EPSelf ReleasedGlitch, BassUSA
Fingers In The NoiseBest Of AlbumSelf ReleasedAmbient, Dub, DeephouseFrance
FroreCyclic MovementSelf ReleasedAmbient, New AgeUSA
Ganga GiriEarthwise Vol. 1Self ReleasedDubstep, BassAustralia
Gateway 721DepartureSelf ReleasedPsybient, ExperimentalGermany
GermindSignal From SpacePlexus MusicPsytrance, GoaRussia
Gnomes Of KushCollection 2010-2015Self ReleasedChillout, DubUSA
HullabaloOHigh Fructose Bass SyrupSwamp MusicBass, ExperimentalUSA
HuuHaaThe Biohacker’s Guide To LifeSelf ReleasedDeep Trance, Downtempo, ProgressiveFinland
Intiche feat. DubsalonNawell In DubSelf ReleasedDubGermany & Argentina
IshqAutumn LightSelf ReleasedDeep Ambient, PsychillUK
James MurrayLossEilean RecordsAmbient, ExperimentalUK
jdoblomNyxPlexus MusicPsychill, DroneUkraine
no playerJuju Planet DubThe View Through Pink SpectaclesPhantasm RecordsPsychill, PsydubSlovakia
KubaSummer BreezingSelf ReleasedDub, Psychill, PsydubUK
KubaBroken SoftlySelf ReleasedPsybientUK
Liquid BloomHeart Of The ShamansDesert TraxCeremonial, Psychill, Tribal, WorldUSA
Logical ElementsUnreleased TracksSelf ReleasedPsychill, AmbientRomania
Lucho RipleySpirit Of WonderAudio Gourmet NetlabelAmbient, Drone, Electroacoustic, OrganicSpain
Magic Sound FabricLucidSpiralightDowntempo, PsychillUSA
mcthfgMaterials: Part OneDubmission RecordsDowntempo, Dub, Glitch, IDM, PsychillSouth Korea
Mm (Micro Monkey)The Night GuardSelf ReleasedAmbient, ExperimentalNetherlands
MonodiscNachtCold Tear RecordsAmbient, Dub, TechnoNetherlands
NK Vibes (Chronos)Orbital GrooveUxmal RecordsElectronica, BreaksRussia
Pallasite ProjectEscaping Desire EPSelf ReleasedPsychill, BassUSA
Percussion BulletFuture AccommodationCosmicleaf RecordsChillout, Psychill, ProgressiveAustralia
Prana SquareTen SecretsPlexus MusicPsychill, AmbientRussia
QuantaConnecting PatternsShanti PlantiBass, Downtempo, Glitch, Psychill, PsystepUK
ScyyeFrom EPSparkwood RecordsAmbient, Cinematic, Drone, Experimental, IDMNorway
SlackbabaDubterraniaSelf ReleasedPsychill, PsydubUK
SlackbabaWe Have The TechnologySelf ReleasedPsychill, PsydubUK
Spectogram IndicatorMentalistUxmal RecordsChillout, Downtempo, PsychillMexico
no playerSpruceMruAnomalistic RecordsDowntempo, Experimental, ForestNorway
SunhizeDream MachinesCosmicleaf RecordsPsychill, Progressive House, PsytranceAustalia
SuryademahThe Seven Cities Of LoveAltar RecordsPsychill, Ambient, SpaceIran
TabooDeep Nature EPMagma RecordsBass, DubIsrael
TemploSpidersSelf ReleasedAmbient, Trip-Hop, Jazz, GlitchUSA
Terra Nine vs SquazoidKaruna (Unknown Reality Remix)Self ReleasedAmbient, Chillout, Downtempo, Dub, Psychill, PsydubSwitzerland
The BitzpanEquilibrium EPUxmal RecordsDowntempo, IDM, PsychillGreece
The Future AncientsThe Future AncientsSelf ReleasedAmbient, Ethnic, DowntempoUK
no playerThe Wisdom Of ShankaraDoors To The Digital DimensionKeyframe EntertainmentNew Zealand
Tor.Ma In DubAnd Then She Became A Robot Remixes AlbumGreen Beats Dub NetlabelDub, Psychill, PsydubMexico
Unknown RealityGeometric Patterns EPSelf ReleasedAmbient, Chillout, Downtempo, Dub, Psychill, PsydubSwitzerland
YnojiKolliderXtraplex RecordsIDM, Glitch, AmbientBelgium
Various Artists28 - Free Ambient Electronic SamplerSpotted Peccary MusicAmbient, Cinematic, SpaceUSA
no playerVarious ArtistsDeeper ChillMindspring MusicPsychillUSA
Various ArtistsEssentials Vol. 2Nutek ChillAmbient, Chillout, Downtempo, Dub, Psychill, PsydubSpain
Various ArtistsEuropeA Strangely Isolated PlaceAmbient, Dub Techno, Experimental, Modern ClassicalUSA
Various ArtistsFive Years ofSubbassDubstepGermany
Various ArtistsFlashback VoicePlexus MusicAmbient, Chillout, LoungeRussia
no playerVarious ArtistsGlobal GlitchStreet RitualBass, Glitch, PsystepUSA
no playerVarious ArtistsInto This Wired Abyss Vol. 4EktoplazmBass, Downtempo, Glitch, IDM, Psychill, PsystepUK
Various ArtistsNomad Ambient Vol. 1Nomad: Psybient Chai BarAmbient, Psychill, PsydubGermany
Various ArtistsParvati In Dub by VlasturParvati RecordsPsydub, PsytranceDenmark
Various ArtistsUxmal Chill 01Uxmal RecordsPsytranceMexico

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