Hello, downtempers!

Autumn is on, and the season of indoors events is coming. No more tents and sleeping bags in the wild. Bass kicks from the main dancefloor will no longer be penetrating your body while you are trying to catch some sleep before your favorite artist will play at the sunrise.. Ahh… These sweet memories. Some European countries are still on wheels, so let send them out our greetings and wish them all nice weather during the festivals!

On Monday we published an interview with Makyo (Gio), who is running Dakini Records. It should ring a bell if you really are a huge fan of psybient/chillout music. This interview belongs to Anthology project founded to restore valuable information from the past. Check Dakini Records soundcloud in case this is the first time you read about them.

Events and festivals of this week:

Sunny Moon 2015 (Bulgaria)
Indian Spirit 2015 (Germany)
Valhalla 2015 (Canada)
Faerieworlds 2015 (USA)
Electronic Mantra: The Bhaktas (Germany)
Festival Imagin’aire (France)
Tribal Village – A Psychedelic Adventure (UK)

All event details and links are in the calendar.

Album of the week 35 “forum poll” results

They are very diffused and we have one release to hit the top:

1st: Martins Garden – Beyond EP [ Aquatic Collective ]

Other releases got the same amount of votes for the 2nd place and you can play your role in this vote!
Check it out with links and players here to find out who got the others!

Recent Releases:

Ancient Core & Maha Sun – Embrace EP – Samana Records
Astropilot – Lost And Found: The Organic Remixes – Altar Records
Comb In A Pocket – In Search Of Light EP – Psychill Records
Cosmic Vibe – Spiritual Reload EP – Plusquam Chillout
Dimmat – Rain Falls – Self Released
Erothyme – Bobby Steps – Self Released
Formant Cell – Alpha EP – Self Released
Fractal Dragon – Dream Face – Self Released
Frequency Less – Side Effects – Luminus Music
Intellitard – Soundcloud Bootlegs – Self Released
Jean-Paul Dub – World Inside – Svaha Sound Label
Koan – Non Figment – Blue Tunes Records
Lingua Lustra – Selected Works – Spiritech Records
Mood Ticket – Earth Water And Air – Uxmal Records
Muhara – Urban Jungle – Self Released
One Arc Degree & Cybernetika – Nether Moon – Ektoplazm
Phillax – Goblins Ate My Piano – Arkona Creation
Seb Taylor – Collected Downtempo Vol. 2 – Tribal Shift Records
Spuntic – Foundation – Plusquam Chillout
Squazoid – Eyes Of The Seraphim – Self Released
Teiwari Dub & Culture – Desert Fruit – Earth City Recordz
Unholy Union – The Reggae Files Vol. 1 EP – Bass Star Records
Various Artists – Organic Beats Vol. 4 – Altar Records
Yosi Mizrachi – Calling EP – Plusquam Chillout

Album of the week 36 selection :

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