We gathered for you fresh music from all over the world. And in this occasion we would like to highlight the 1st and 2nd VA compiled by Gagarin Project on new label Live Love Create Music. This label will release our soon to arrive 10 years anniversary VA. Stay tuned.

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Live Love Freedom – Live Love Create

Live Love Unity – Live Love Create

November 2023

36Ablyss – Self Released [Album/EP]

A.E.R.O., Unusual Cosmic ProcessArrakis – Astropilot Music [Album/EP]

A.E.R.O., Unusual Cosmic ProcessDream Chaser – Astropilot Music [Album/EP]

Acid LagosI Am What I Am – Liquidseed Recordings [Album/EP]

AiriApparition Zone – Zenon Records [Album/EP]

AlphaxoneTexture Synthesis Vol.1 – Self Released [Album/EP]

AMBCollected Stories Vol 2: Time – Self Released [Album/EP]

Ancient AstronautCosmic Trails – Synphaera [Album/EP]

Ancient AstronautForming Stars – Ambient Soundscapes [Album/EP]

Arte VaraRedsilence – Astropilot Music [Album/EP]

Astropilot, Andrew OddEternity (A.E.R.O. Remix) – Astropilot Music [Album/EP]

B. AshraAurora – Klangwirkstoff Records [Album/EP]

B. AshraDark Moments – Klangwirkstoff Records [Album/EP]

B. AshraGnome – Separated Beats [Album/EP]

Banco De GaiaMy Little Country – Disco Gecko Recordings [Album/EP]

BaomCosmic Echoes EP – Visionary Shamanics Records [Album/EP]

Bosstatus & TechtonicConvergence – Muti Music [Album/EP]

Brog (Brain Fog)Already Broken – Self Released [Album/EP]

Carmel.OTake You High – Cosmicleaf Records [Album/EP]

Charlie RoscoeFalling – Self Released [Single]

Children Of The BongNot Sirius – Disco Gecko Recordings [Album/EP]

ChronosU96 – Das Boot (Chronos Remix) Free Track – Altar Records [Single]

ComisarVision Realms – Wormhole Music Group [Album/EP]

Cosmic Dust Feat. TetouzeNataraja – Self Released [Single]

Cthulhu BasscraftSomething In The Sound – Muti Music [Album/EP]

Cthulhu BasscraftThe Bass Of Cthulhu – Muti Music [Album/EP]

CualliThe Amazon Is A Jewel Of The Universe – Self Released [Album/EP]

Cubic SplineMathematical Concepts Vol 1 – Hadra Records [Album/EP]

Dalton Trance TeleportCosmotronika – Blue Tunes Chillout [Album/EP]

David StarfireMultiverse – Self Released [Album/EP]

Devin KroesThere Is Growth Here – The Rust Music [Album/EP]

Dreaming Cooper & Astral WavesForest Rain – Self Released [Single]

Dreamstate LogicLatent Images And Distant Dreams – Self Released [Album/EP]

DublicatorCompound – Self Released [Album/EP]

E-MantraUnder The Blue Moon – Melusine Records [Album/EP]

EddibellMedisin – Outtallectuals [Album/EP]

EguanaConnect – Cosmicleaf Records [Album/EP]

EguanaCosmos Episode 19 – Cosmicleaf Records [Album/EP]

EguanaPsyche (Qeight Version) – Plexus Music [Album/EP]

Eguana, QeightCall Of The Wild – Cosmicleaf Records [Album/EP]

Elevated MindFabricate Ep – Self Released [Album/EP]

ErothymeBobular Synthesis – Self Released [Album/EP]

Fascinating Earthbound ObjectsPersist – Self Released [Single]

Fila BrazilliaBeatless – Self Released [Album/EP]

Flexagon And LihouUn Vert Bocage – Self Released [Single]

FortadelisReverberations – Self Released [Album/EP]

FuncsterGroove-A-Delic Excursions – Ease Division [Album/EP]

GiyoAstral Plains – Self Released [Single]

GiyoFlip Flop Republic – Head In The Clouds (Giyo Remix) – Self Released [Single]

GiyoTime Traveller – Self Released [Single]

GreenuxLiquid Shapes – Self Released [Album/EP]

Greg Hunter, Pops MohamedLotus Blossom (Remastered) – Self Released [Album/EP]

Gus TillStella Vista – Self Released [Album/EP]

H:U:MSpace Windows – Liquid Frog Records [Album/EP]

Highest Level Of ConcentrationNew Thoughts – Liquidseed Recordings [Album/EP]

HivetribeInner Space Pilot EP – Visionary Shamanics Records [Album/EP]

Holeg SpiesBrave New World – Liquid Sound Design [Album/EP]

HypnagogOmphaloskepsis – Kinematic Records [Single]

I-OneUnknown Planet – Cosmicleaf Records [Album/EP]

In The BranchesMirages – The Adaptive [Album/EP]

InfinatiCircuit – Self Released [Single]

Italiks & Deep Fried DubCrown – Dubmission Records [Album/EP]

Jaguar VizionsLost Archives – Post Modern Music [Album/EP]

KamiGravity Lensing – Calligraphy Recordings [Album/EP]

Kick Bong, SquazoidDistant Vision – Cosmicleaf Records [Album/EP]

KoanBaudolino – Blue Tunes Chillout [Album/EP]

Liquid Bloom, Poranguí, KoraInner Sanctum (Kora Remix) – Self Released [Single]

Liquid Bloom, Poranguí, Ryan HerrPrayer Of Protection (Ryan Herr Remix) – Self Released [Single]

Lonely FacesTruth Table – Tempest Recordings [Album/EP]

Lu TzeQualia – Merkaba Music [Album/EP]

MagnetikDark Sphere – Cosmicleaf Records [Album/EP]

MahaonViva The Fluor EP – Visionary Shamanics Records [Album/EP]

Medicine Men SongI See You – Electrik Dream [Single]

MemorioAutology – Iono Lounge [Album/EP]

Moon ProjectionValley Of Harmony (Piano Versions) [24 Bit] – Astropilot Music [Album/EP]

MotionfieldAwareness – Self Released [Album/EP]

NachtaktivFunky Pills – Sofa Beats [Album/EP]

NalepaThe Flowers – Self Released [Album/EP]

Natural Life EssenceGlowing Forest 2 – Liquid Frog Records [Album/EP]

Naure SaïdVaranassi Atmosphere – Self Released [Album/EP]

Ne SpeshaCitrus Beat – Self Released [Single]

Ne SpeshaForget – Self Released [Single]

NotonoRave In Peace – Sofa Beats [Album/EP]

NumaticaWilderness – Self Released [Album/EP]

OpiuoConduct-A-Disco – Self Released [Album/EP]

OpiuoOpiuo & The Opulent Orchestra – Self Released [Album/EP]

OvoidThe Grass Grows Greenest Where The Fire Once Burned – Self Released [Album/EP]

Panda On The Bamboo TreeLibrary Of Liberty – Microcosmos Records [Album/EP]

Pedra BrancaTerrakota – Merkaba Music [Album/EP]

PotlatchSunday Breeze – Cosmicleaf Records [Album/EP]

PotlatchVintage Snow – Cosmicleaf Records [Album/EP]

Psy TRSPsychedelic Medicine – Self Released [Single]

Psychedelic ThrillerAfterlife – Muti Music [Album/EP]

RanzGrounded – Wormhole Music Group [Album/EP]

RasasoundResulting Strains (Box Set) – Self Released [Album/EP]

Remote VisionCinematic Space – Material [Album/EP]

Richard StonefieldCloudfields – Astropilot Music [Album/EP]

Rita RagaUnder Water – Melusine Records [Album/EP]

RuteIdiom – Merkaba Music [Album/EP]

S1gns Of L1feAnomaly 3 – Material [Album/EP]

Sacred SeedsEcho System – Mindspring Music [Album/EP]

SensorythmAural Journey – Shanti Planti [Album/EP]

Shaman’s Dream, GeometraeHome – Black Swan Sounds [Album/EP]

Shaman’s Dream, Geometrae, Ruby ChaseMoon Whisperer – Black Swan Sounds [Single]

ShamanaviThe Synesthetic Machine – Self Released [Single]

ShantamBleep – Self Released [Album/EP]

ShantifaxMoonlight (The Vocal Remixes) – Sarnarschourt Records [Album/EP]

ShegalRipples – Ease Division [Album/EP]

ShegalTherapy Sessions – Ease Division [Album/EP]

Side Liner, QeightNothing Else Matters – Cosmicleaf Records [Album/EP]

SlaydeHaptic / Thorium – Danktronics [Album/EP]

SmilkNefelibata – Self Released [Album/EP]

State AzureLagrange Point – Self Released [Single]

State AzureSo Long, Eternity (2023 Remaster) – Self Released [Album/EP]

Stefan TortoDigis [Ambient Sessions] – Self Released [Album/EP]

Sync24Random Archive [2001-2009] – Self Released [Album/EP]

TahümCosmoasis – Odyzey Music [Album/EP]

TakkraRetuner – Mindspring Music [Album/EP]

Tara PutraSurrealistic Mellow – Self Released [Album/EP]

TerastamaCosmic Baby Step – Ease Division [Album/EP]

The BhaktasGovinda (Dreaming Cooper Remix) – Self Released [Single]

The BhaktasKundalini Kirtan (Dreaming Cooper Remix) – Self Released [Single]

The BhaktasOneness Kirtan (Dreaming Cooper Remix) – Self Released [Single]

The Space CadetForgotten Melodies – Self Released [Album/EP]

Thıerrч GottıOut Of Reality – Liquid Sound Design [Album/EP]

Tor.Ma In DubManynames – Dreamverse (Tor.Ma In Dub Rmx) Raw Version – Self Released [Album/EP]

Unknown RealityGrateful – Self Released [Single]

Unusual Cosmic ProcessElysium. Revisited – Astropilot Music [Album/EP]

Various ArtistsCafé Paris – Avatar Records [Compilation]

Various ArtistsColours. Remastered 2023 – Astropilot Music [Compilation]

Various ArtistsEthneomystica Vol. 11 – Mystic Sound Records [Compilation]

Various ArtistsSeason Four – Loci Records [Compilation]

Various ArtistsSilhouette – Chapter 1 Ep – Sofa Beats [Compilation]

Various ArtistsVirtus In Sonus VI – Gravitas Recordings [Compilation]

Wil BoltonNull Point – Self Released [Album/EP]

Woob9009 – Self Released [Album/EP]

Zingara, LowcationSpirit Tears – Odyzey Music [Single]

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