We gathered for you fresh music from all over the world. And in this occasion we would like to highlight the 1st and 2nd VA compiled by Gagarin Project on new label Live Love Create Music. This label will release our soon to arrive 10 years anniversary VA. Stay tuned.

Support of these releases will help to fund a social project in Ukraine. Donations and support welcome www.buymeacoffee.com/livelovecreate

Live Love Freedom – Live Love Create

Live Love Unity – Live Love Create

October 2023

2020V R 1 Remix Album – Sofa Beats [Album/EP]

22&8Apokryphos – Self Released [Album/EP]

5AMEpiphany – Self Released [Album/EP]

AjjaSupernovas – Self Released [Single]

AmbCollected Stories Vol 2: Time – Self Released [Album/EP]

Ape SuitIndividually Wrapped Placed In Neat Little Rows. Becoming A Piece Of Everything That Grows. Some Numbers, A Name, To Indicate You Played The Game. Came Empty Handed And Left The Same. – Muti Music [Album/EP]

Arcane TricksterAisar – Cosmicleaf Records [Album/EP]

Astral Travel AgencyDubdivision – Self Released [Album/EP]

Astral WavesSingles, Remixes And Rarities II – Altar Records [Album/EP]

Astronaut ApeSundown – Self Released [Single]

AstropilotAbyssal Adventurer’s Logs – Astrosphere Records [Album/EP]

AstropilotL I M I T L E S S – Astropilot Music [Album/EP]

AtreyaxHypnosis – Ox-Zone Records [Single]

AuragamiDrip – Self Released [Single]

AuragamiFlowt – Self Released [Single]

Axiom 23Omnitron – Self Released [Album/EP]

B. AshraDark Moments – Klangwirkstoff Records [Album/EP]

Balancé / Noya ProjectBn2023 – Self Released [Album/EP]

Benji VaughanEidolon – Twisted Records [Album/EP]

BokettoApricity – Iono Lounge [Album/EP]

Carbon Based LifeformsLive At Ozora 2022 – Self Released [Album/EP]

Celt IslamAndroid Dystopia – Self Released [Album/EP]

CerceauxAsk The Cosmos (Original Mix) – Mind Revolutions Records [Single]

Charlie Roscoe And Ozric TentaclesSpace For The Earth (Charlie Roscoe Remix) – Self Released [Single]

CloudlvlUp On The Mountain EP – Unfinished Monkey Records [Album/EP]

Cosmic DustOrigins – Merkaba Music [Album/EP]

DhamikaRemixed – Self Released [Album/EP]

Dj V++Cold Spot – Microcosmos Records [Album/EP]

Dreaming CooperSpace Trip – Altar Records [Single]

DrrtywulvzMini Blunti – Self Released [Single]

Duffrey X OmnistComin’ Thru – Self Released [Single]

DyodhoShamed – Ox-Zone Records [Single]

Earth EphectEmbryonica – Self Released [Single]

EchosphereSee You By The Water – Self Released [Single]

EguanaCosmos Episode 18 – Cosmicleaf Records [Album/EP]

EguanaInvisible Civilization Vol. 5 – Cosmicleaf Records [Album/EP]

Elkin SergeyAnother Reality – Plexus Music [Album/EP]

Emerald TigerSave Babylon – Visionary Shamanics Records [Album/EP]

EncountersA Path Beyond Remixed – Over The Moon Music [Album/EP]

ErothymePinpoint Sol – Self Released [Album/EP]

EsseksFear Not – Self Released [Album/EP]

EthereiosVibrations Of Samadhi – Visionary Shamanics Records [Album/EP]

FactorTribal Fusion – Natural Evolution Records [Single]

Floor TwentyLosing Hours – Muti Music [Album/EP]

Form NullThe Eternal Return – Self Released [Album/EP]

FränzeLove’s The Only Way Out – Altar Techno [Single]

Freq ShapeYaran – Iono Lounge [Album/EP]

FrequentShrewbie Tuesday – Self Released [Single]

Gaudi & Dreadzone Feat Earl 16Boundary (Gaudi Remix) – Self Released [Album/EP]

GermindRelaxation For Yoga, Vol. 2 – Cosmicleaf Records [Album/EP]

GiyoSo Near Yet So Far – Self Released [Single]

Holeg SpiesBrave New World – Liquid Sound Design [Album/EP]

I-OneGood Day – Cosmicleaf Records [Album/EP]

IllumicorpI Love Goa Ep – Space Boogie Lab [Album/EP]

Italiks & Deep Fried DubCrown – Self Released [Album/EP]

JinniyahYr Love – Dakini Records [Album/EP]

JordnmoodyFørsaken – Odyzey Music [Album/EP]

JuruatmaUshas – Self Released [Album/EP]

KouskGalaxy Flower EP – Self Released [Album/EP]

KrusseldorfClubbing On More Slomo Stims – Self Released [Album/EP]

KrusseldorfClubbing On Slomo Stims – Self Released [Album/EP]

KuniAstral Zucchinia – Self Released [Album/EP]

KuzmaThin Balance – Self Released [Album/EP]

Lauge & Baba GnohmComing Home (Ambient Edit) – Self Released [Single]

Lil FishFinal Frontier – Gravitas Recordings [Single]

Liquid BloomReturn To Source (Orenda Remix) – Desert Trax [Single]

Living LightMultidimensional Sandcastles Remixed – Self Released [Album/EP]

Lo.RenzoNepal In Dub – Folk Version & Remixes – Self Released [Album/EP]

Lucid GeckoGumnut – Dreamfunk (Lucid Gecko Remix) – Self Released [Single]

MagnetikGates Of Eternity – Cosmicleaf Records [Album/EP]

Manna Raps & Tha FruitbatSoak In The Moment – Muti Music [Album/EP]

MemorioMentalite EP – Iono Lounge [Album/EP]

Mystic CrockHalf Moon – Self Released [Album/EP]

NalepaLadybugs – Self Released [Single]

NalepaNectarine Blossoms – Self Released [Single]

Natural Life EssenceEmerged Garden 2 – Liquid Frog Records [Album/EP]

Naure SaïdRecovering – Self Released [Album/EP]

Noah PredSuspended Animation – Self Released [Single]

Noetik The AlchemistCircles – Self Released [Single]

Noetik The AlchemistEnter (With Treneti) – Self Released [Single]

NumatikCreating Space – Self Released [Album/EP]

NymFalse Noon – Self Released [Album/EP]

OverdreamDimension Shift – Self Released [Single]

Overdream, Hardcore BuddhistDreamcore Patterns – Self Released [Single]

Pan ElectricMusic For A Busy Head Guided Meditation – Self Released [Album/EP]

Pan ElectricMusic For A Busy Head Volume 3 – Self Released [Album/EP]

Ph-ZeroFruits Of Midnight – Merkaba Music [Album/EP]

PotlatchScent Of The Veil – Cosmicleaf Records [Album/EP]

Psychedelic ThrillerAfterlife – Muti Music [Album/EP]

QeightIt’s Not Too Late – Cosmicleaf Records [Album/EP]

RasasoundGalaxy Groove – Self Released [Album/EP]

Richard StonefieldSanctum – Astropilot Music [Album/EP]

Rising GalaxyPelagos (Gregory Paul Mineeff Remix) – Cosmicleaf Records [Album/EP]

Sacred SeedsSacred Seeds – Essentials – Self Released [Album/EP]

SaltusMercy (Ft. Adrian The Faint) – Self Released [Album/EP]

SaulaPsy Beats – Natural Evolution Records [Single]

Shabboo HarperTreasure Book – Iono Lounge [Album/EP]

Shaman’s Dream, GeometraeHumming With The Wind – Black Swan Sounds [Single]

Shaman’s Dream, Geometrae Feat Chris BerryPrayers To The Flame – Black Swan Sounds [Single]

SheeshSubconscious – The Rust Music [Album/EP]

ShegalDysphoria – Ease Division [Album/EP]

Silicon SlaveExcuse Me (While I Light My Spliff) – Self Released [Single]

SitaranhaKirata – Cosmicleaf Records [Album/EP]

SleepybutterflyUFOs – Ease Division [Album/EP]

SmigonautAbysmal Abyss – Self Released [Album/EP]

Solar QuestSubduction – Self Released [Album/EP]

SoulacybinRiddle EP – Self Released [Album/EP]

Sound StriderPsychedelic Ritual – Self Released [Single]

Spaceship EarthNear Death Experience – Self Released [Single]

StellariumSolar Magnitude – Exosphere [Album/EP]

Strana 03Your Empty Memories – Plexus Music [Album/EP]

SuduayaLakta Vojo (2 Versions) – Self Released [Album/EP]

The Flying MarsJambalaya – Merkaba Music [Album/EP]

The OddnessWisdom EP – Sofa Beats [Album/EP]

The Purple TurtlePhilip The Lonely Warlock – Unfinished Monkey Records [Album/EP]

The Witch DoctorJourney Home – Blue Tunes Chillout [Album/EP]

Unknown RealityCreate Your Own Reality – Ease Division [Album/EP]

VaporizedHuman Odyssey – Digital Reprints [Album/EP]

Various ArtistsAbstractions : Collected By Somatoast – Gravitas Recordings [Compilation]

Various ArtistsAmbient Online Compilation: Volume 26 – Ambient Online [Compilation]

Various ArtistsLife In Dub – Digital Reprints [Compilation]

Various ArtistsLSD Special Selections 8: Alban Elved (Blessed Samhain, All Hallows Eve) – Liquid Sound Design [Compilation]

Various ArtistsSequenced Space – Assemblage [Compilation]

Vataff ProjectBack To The Forest – Self Released [Album/EP]

VoicheckSpearhead – Unfinished Monkey Records [Album/EP]

WilldabeastSuperhighway Afterglow Remixed – Muti Music [Album/EP]

Windom RNocturnal Sounds – Calligraphy Recordings [Album/EP]

YahganFrozen Island – Liquid Frog Records [Album/EP]

YarnContact (Remix) – Self Released [Single]

ZymosisRarities And Singles – Altar Records [Album/EP]

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