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Friends, psybient lovers,

we are happy to share with you something special. According to our goals to promote most interesting “downtempo” artists, we have decided to create a special podcast mix that is compiled exclusively from the “best albums and ep’s” chosen during “best of 2017 community poll”. Since 2013 it is tradition to make polls.

The tracks selected in this mix have been chosen and put together by our friend – Ant Nebula. Obviously some of the great tunes are missing from this podcast, everyone have it’s limits. But you fill definitely find many jewels in this 1h mix.

The Ant Nebula is a bipolar planetary nebula in the constellation Norma that is composed of bright core and featuring distinct high-velocity outflows. The names and the qualities are shared with a versatile Sydney-based chill DJ in Australia. He is a resident DJ on Radio Q37 with his monthly radio shows ‘A Journey into Hyperspace’ and also a label DJ for Mindspring Music. In 2017 Ant Nebula curated a compilation on Mindspring, ‘Inter-Dimensional’.
Ant Nebula also work with fellow sonic alchemist, Amar Dhall, curating mixes for their Sessions of Dopamine Mixes and also performing back-to-back sets Australia wide together.

The idea behind this mix is to hand pick records from the top 50 albums released in 2017, voted by the public on

My approach to this mix is to create a groovy journey for the listener, enhancing pleasure for the ears and explore different spaces throughout the mix. By doing so, I have selected records from artist that inspired me in 2017, playing their records and entraining crowds on chill dance floors.

It is a great pleasure to be invited by to put a mix together to show case the talented artist featured in this mix.
Much love and respect.
Ant Nebula

Feel welcome to share links to this podcast with your friends, let’s make this one discovered and played everywhere in the world ;) podcast episode 14 – Best of 2017 mixed by Ant Nebula

title: podcast – episode 14 – Best of 2017 mixed by Ant Nebula
artist: Ant Nebula
type: mix
style: Ambient, Psychill, Psybient, Psydub
tags: Ambient, Psychill, Psybient, Psydub
time: min
date released: 24-01-2019
release number:

01. Misty Morning – Argus – 00:00
02. Unbounded – Symbolico – 01:57
03. Beyond Our Dreams – Eat Static – 07:10
04. Slime Continuum – Soulacybin – 11:57
05. Sludgewurmin – Soulacybin – 18:05
06. I am Staring At You – Symbolico – 23:35
07. Spiritual Level – Lab’s Cloud – 29:42
08. Parallel Thoughts – Martin Nonstatic – 35:42
09. Connecting on a Deeper Level – Lab’s Cloud – 40:26
10. Strange Planet – Shpongle – 45:51
11. Sapiential – Entheogenic – 49:35
12. A Place We Never Been – Stimulus Timbre – 55:36
13. The Long Way Home – Metamorphosis – 60:00

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cover art image by timeisart
cover art fonts and FX by Gagarin Project

podcast project produced by:
Gagarin Project

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Much love and gratitude to all the artists and labels presented in this mix. The full copyright for the music in this mix is owned by the respective artists and/or publishing/recording labels. We make no commercial use of this music and mix it to promote this magic sound amongst our friends. Please support the artists by buying their music or donating to them directly.

We are ONE.

Live, Love, Create and Share,