We are happy to present you a first episode of PSYBIENT.ORG PODCAST.

This week we share with you a mix called “music for cats” compiled and mixed by Mizoo.

Each new episode will be first broadcasted on the partners radios and only then it will be available for online streaming on soundcloud.

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12.4 12H EST (GMT-5) 18H CET (GMT+1) di.fm/psychill
13.4 13H EST (GMT-5) 19H CET (GMT+1) radioq37.com
14.4 14H EST (GMT-5) 20H CET (GMT+1) psyradio.com.ua
15.4 9H EST (GMT-5) 21H CET (GMT+1) psychedelik.com
16.4 16H EST (GMT-5) 22H CET (GMT+1) hbr1.com
17.4 12H EST (GMT-5) 18H CET (GMT+1) chromanova.de
18.4 13H EST (GMT-5) 19H CET (GMT+1) midiradio.net
19.4 diceradio.gr
22.4 23H EST (GMT-5) 17H CET (GMT+1) schizoid.in chill
23.4 23H psybient.org/podcast

About and credits

title: psybient.org podcast – episode 01 – music for cats mixed by Mizoo
artist: Mizoo (Ultimae Records)
type: mix
style: Ambient, Psychedelic, Psybient, Psychill
tags: Psybient, Ambient, Relaxed, Cats
time: 69:06 min
date released: xx-04-2014
release number: psybient.org-01

mixed by:
Mizoo (Ultimae Records)

voice recorded by:
JemInEye Incantations

cover art by:

podcast project produced by:
Gagarin Project

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