Psy-Fi present you its festival “Inside the Vortex” with 5 days and 4 nights of Psychedelic music to be held on 28 August – 1 September. It’s mission is to create a space where visitors can enjoy art, culture, music, personal growth and nature. A space where we cooperate with each other. A space where people of all religions, cultures, countries and other labels can meet each other as one. A space where we can learn from each other, where we can be free and our selves in loving harmony and peace.

Chill out line up:

ACHILLE-SEHNE – Rootwork records (MAR)
ANAND – 3rd BIT Events (NL)
AQUATONE – Independent (NL)
ATOM BASED – Metacept rec. (HR)
BANSHANKRI – SixOfour productions (BE)
BLOWAN – Partysystem Psychonauts (NL)
COMSAT & PETAR – Fractal Records (HU)
COSMOSONIC – Arkona Creation (TR)
ENTHEOGENIC – Universal Symbiosis Records (FR)
GAGARIN PROJECT – Altar Records (FR / UA)
JOVISHNU – Independent (US)
KATSA – Psychotria Records (HU)
KAYRUNCHY – 3rd BIT Events (NL)
LOOSE-CANNON – Solard records (AUS)
MAFCELLO – Independent (NL)
MJERT – 3rd BIT Events (NL)
OTT (Twisted Records) – UK
PETER PAM – Kosmic fusion (PT)
PSYGASUS – GreenTree records (BE)
PSYKOXAMAN – Nak-Nacktaktiv (ESP)
PSYLATINO – Kosmic fusion (PT)
RESI BEATS – Solstice/DAF (NL)
RICHARD J-K – Independent (NL)
SELDON – Mandms (HU)
SHIVANKI – 3rd BIT Events (NL)
SHX – Solartech (HU)
SPIKY – Ajnavision Records (DE)
STEELY ROUNDBEAT – Rising high Apollo (NL)
SUN PILOT – levitation Elements Rec. (DE)
TRIPSWITCH – Section Records (UK)
WICHURI – 3rd BIT Events (NL)

And Anderson Debernardi Live painting!

The program of other stages is also incredible to know more about this event visit:

Let’s integrate a piece of the experience into our daily lives and take some of it back into society, where we can be an example for others.