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On Monday we have published the invterview with Collider Art project, online psychedelic art shop and mobile art gallery. You apparently are familiar with the project through European festivals. Anyhow you should check the interview if you are up to psyart and festivaling. If not then you double must read it and catch a vibe!
Here is the link to the inteview.

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Events and festivals of this week:

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Album of the week 4 results

1st: Geoglyph – Artifact [ Visionary Shamanics Records ]

2nd: Kaminanda – The Infinite Breath [ Merkaba Music ]

3rd: Spundose – Relatives [ Street Ritual ]

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Recent Releases (Psychill / Psybient / Bass):

Crop – Fragments – Uxmal Records
Floating Spirits – Luv EP – Touched
Fortadelis, Smooth Genestar & Smooth – Overdub Session [Jazzed Up] – Cyan Music
Germind – Elusive Shadows – Cosmicleaf Records
Ka11DNA – Elements – Self Released
Koan – Eddur: Second Scroll – Blue Tunes Chillout
Lars Leonhard – Isolated Landscapes – Self Released
Lusid – Visions From The Cryo Chamber – Self Released
Moondancer – Unnatural Species – Quantum Digits Recordings
Omnisense – AI Rabbit Hole EP – Self Released
Psydell – Overview Remixed – Self Released
Spoken Bird – Liquid Soul Mantra – Street Ritual
Various Artists – Digital Mind Travel – Ethereal Decibel Records
Various Artists – Integral Visions 2 – Subbass
Various Artists – Tales Of Wakaan – Wakaan
Zen Baboon – Collected Downtempo – Baboon Clinic
Zequest (Rukirek) – Sun Does Not Melt The Ice – Mindspring Music

Album of the week 5 selection :

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And for dessert it is an article about guys who were riding the bicycle during two days and watching The Simpsons meanwhile. Investigators are sharing here their revelations full of empathy, sympathy and other something-human-thy. It’s intriquing to enjoy the bicycle rides with this set-n-setting, and I guess in the future these guys will be watching South Park cartoons the same way.


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