Since not so long ago we started to collect different music video clips with psychill/psy downtempo music. With the help of our forum, we try to gather different official and non-official videos from the artists or fans. We are looking for some non-“generic” videos where the video footages are in harmony with the music.

If you would like to suggest us a video for the next update, feel welcome to add it to forum topic.

Psychedelic Chill Out video clips:

In this first update we are happy to share with you the videos from Asura, Seamoon, Lauge, Balancé, Kick Bong, Jeremy’s Aura, E-Mantra & Reasonandu, Waveshaper and Crystal Vibe.

Asura feat. Ayten – Farscape 7
(un-official video)

Seamoon – Satanic Pleasures
(un-official video, but approved by Seamoon)

Seamoon- Step By Step
(un-official video clip by Savvas Kalt , but approved by Chronos)

Lauge – Grib Mig
(official video)

Balancé – no name (2014)
(official video)

Balancé – Freedom (80 bpm’s)
(official video)

Kick Bong – Signal From Space
(Semi Official)

Jeremy’s Aura – Being And Becoming…

E-Mantra & Reasonandu – Words You Said
(official video)

Waveshaper – Empty Path (Original Mix)
(Unofficial video by GoneWes)

Crystal Vibe – Waking Life (2014)
(unofficial but pretty good)

This youtube channel has many nice unofficial videos with the timelapses etc. =>

Would you like to help us to share some nice video with the audience ?

If yes, feel welcome to add it to forum topic and we will use it to prepare the next updates.