Check out the new LP by Zoungla (Canada). Zoungla is a Psychedelic Progressive project with its only boundaries set by Costa Damoulianos’ mind and mood. It’s a fifth full length album, and it brings the innovative synthesized sound as well as live and juicy guitar, vocals and bass. This 7-track opus has a wide variety of BPM and a fusion of genres, while psy atmospheric rock vibe prevails, along with punchy rhythms going off-beat here and there. Don’t miss an intense journey into the epic sound exploration. A cherry on the cake is top quality mastering by Jeremy’s Aura.

Here are some reviews from bandcamp :
Koli There’s been so much good music coming out this year that it’s really hard to say what I’m enjoying the most. Zoungla’s newest album here is very much at the top with some others. I’m happy that it’s coming out on CD and vinyl, I will definitely order these.

tf2_kid Progressive rock mixed with psybient? What?? This album absolutely blew my mind, It’s just such a journey. And it doesn’t even need lyrics because the album art, mixed with the music tells a freaking story. Favorite track: Take us Through.