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Thank you for everyone who contributed festivals and events to our list, we have compiled all together in this list.


Featured Festivals 2018

2018-07-12 Festival Harmonic 2018 France
2018-07-13 24. Antaris Project Germany
2018-07-19 Sun Festival 2018 Hungary
2018-08-15 Psy-Fi 2018 “A Shamanic Experience” Netherlands
2018-09-06 Hadra Trance Festival 2018 France
2018-09-xx CHILLUVIUM 2018 France

Psytrance Festivals Lists

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Spring Psytrance Festivals 2018 Listing

Start DateFestival NameCountryLink
2018-03-01Ťrilỡgỷ Festival ● Purim Of LegendsIsraellink
2018-03-01Full~m00n Eco GatheringNepallink
2018-03-02Ethereal Decibel Winter Festival 2018Francelink
2018-03-02Montemapu Festival 2018Chilelink
2018-03-03Love & Light Day FestivalSouth Africalink
2018-03-09Esoteric Festival 2018Australialink
2018-03-13UNITY ClebrationPanamalink
2018-03-16Aequinoctium Vernum 2018Estonialink
2018-03-17Voov Experience Indoor Hamburg 2018Germanylink
2018-03-17Equinox Festival - 2018 - OmmixMexicolink
2018-03-23SHAKTI PEAK FETIVAL 2018 NEPALNepallink
2018-03-23Festival Ometeotl 2018Mexicolink
2018-03-28Katun Festival 2018Brazillink
2018-03-29ReSPect Festival 2018 - Ilha Comprida (Feriado de Páscoa)Brazillink
2018-03-29Bioconstrutrance - Edição PáscoaBrazillink
2018-03-29Morocco Desert 2018Moroccolink
2018-03-30Natural Experience 2018Mexicolink
2018-03-31Vortex ✧ Parallel Universe ✧ Easter Weekend ✧South Africalink
2018-04-05Spirit Tribe V: Ascension 灵族 五:进化Chinalink
2018-04-05Spirit Tribe V: AscensionChinalink
2018-04-05DOOF Festival 2018 - The 15 EditionIsraellink
2018-04-06Synchrontinuum Festival - Psyculture GatheringChilelink
2018-04-06Freekuency Festival 2018Portugallink
2018-04-06Synchrontinuum Festival 2018Chilelink
2018-04-06Lucidity Festival 2018: Rising DawnUnited Stateslink
2018-04-07Mystica 2018Switzerlandlink
2018-04-07Psygathering 2018 : 3 RoomsBelgiumlink
2018-04-07Primer Festival De Medicina Ancestral EcuadorEcuadorlink
2018-04-20Magic Castle Festival 2018Germanylink
2018-04-20Samahi 2018Indonesialink
2018-04-25TRANSITION 2018 ::: Full Moon Open Air Trance FestivalSpainlink
2018-04-25Transition Festival 2018Spainlink
2018-04-26Omkara Festival 2018Nepallink
2018-04-27Festival Mundo De Oz - 9 AnosBrazillink
2018-04-27Cosmic Circus ★ Cirque du PsychedeliaSouth Africalink
2018-04-27TheDarkCode - DualityTurkeylink
2018-05-03Hai In Den Mai 2018Germanylink
2018-05-03Green Magic 2018Japanlink
2018-05-04Tolerance WALD GOA 2018Germanylink
2018-05-05Organic Dreams Viii With Astrix, Digicult And MoreBelgiumlink
2018-05-11Schallkonflikt Open Air Festival 2018 - The RebirthGermanylink
2018-05-17Psychedelic Experience Open Air Festival 2018Germanylink
2018-05-18Taurus Connection 2018Italylink
2018-05-18Galactic Gathering - Vol.3Turkeylink
2018-05-23Triplicity Music & Arts Festival 2018United Kingdomlink
2018-05-25Psy-Boutique Festival 2018Turkeylink
2018-05-26Sacred Ritual FestivalCypruslink
2018-05-30Pulsar Iv - Encontro De Arte, Cultura E SustentabilidadeBrazillink
2018-05-31Chill FestivalGermanylink
2018-05-31Psychedelic Circus Open Air Festival 2018Germanylink