We are very excited to invite you to a 2024 edition of Pyramid Festival in Serbia, an event that combine music, workshops in splendid outdoor location. Featuring a diverse lineup of renowned artists and performers, festival promises an unforgettable auditory journey across multiple stages, showcasing a wide array of musical genres from psytrance to ambient, ensuring there’s something for every musical taste.

Beyond the beats, the festival boasts a vibrant arts and culture scene, with live art installations, interactive workshops, and mesmerizing performances that ignite the imagination and inspire creativity. Check out all details about lineup, locations, FAQ and get tickets at pyramidfestival.com/tickets
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Official invitation:

Welcome to Pyramid Festival, a celebration that transcends the ordinary, inviting you to embark on a profound journey of self-discovery, unity, and harmonic resonance. Nestled at the foot of the mystical Rtanj Mountain in Serbia, this extraordinary gathering is more than just a music festival; it’s a fusion of cultural exploration, spiritual enrichment, and artistic expression.

The Location:

Pyramid Festival unfolds in the picturesque village of Ilino, a serene haven surrounded by the breathtaking landscapes of Rtanj Mountain. The very essence of this location is steeped in ancient mysticism, adding a touch of magic to your festival experience. Immerse yourself in the natural beauty of Rtanj and let its energy guide you throughout the festival.

The Dates:

Mark your calendars for August 5th to August 11th, 2024, as Pyramid Festival unfolds its diverse tapestry of events over seven transformative days. This extended duration ensures that participants have ample time to soak in the transformative experiences offered by the festival.

The Theme:

Pyramid Festival isn’t just a music festival; it’s a holistic celebration of the natural state of human flow. The festival’s theme revolves around achieving harmony through a myriad of activities, including music, art, workshops, ceremonies, and healing modalities. Each element contributes to creating an immersive experience that resonates with the festival’s core philosophy.

Drawing inspiration from Slavic tradition, the festival is adorned with intricate decorations and symbolic motifs that pay homage to the rich cultural heritage of the region. From traditional folk art to modern interpretations, every corner of the festival grounds is a testament to the spirit of the Slavic people.

Healing Days:

Healing Days at Pyramid Festival, starting on August 6th, offer a serene prelude to the vibrant energy of the main event. Participants can indulge in rejuvenating activities such as yoga, meditation, sound healing, and therapeutic workshops, all set against the tranquil backdrop of Rtanj Mountain. It’s a time for self-reflection, relaxation, and holistic wellness, preparing attendees for the transformative experiences ahead.

More details about Healing Days program find HERE.

The Festival Lineup:

Prepare to be enchanted by a lineup that transcends genres, featuring a harmonious blend of world-class artists, visionary performers, and up-and-coming talents. From pulsating beats to soul-stirring melodies, the music at Pyramid Festival serves as a gateway to higher consciousness, fostering unity and connection among festival-goers.

Pyramid Festival Days are the heart of the event, where music, art, and culture converge to create a transcendent experience. From mesmerizing performances by world-class psytrance artists to immersive art installations and transformative workshops, attendees are invited to explore the diverse offerings while basking in the vibrant energy of Rtanj Mountain. It’s a celebration of unity, creativity, and collective consciousness, promising unforgettable moments and lasting memories.

More details about Pyramid Festival program find HERE.

Activities and Workshops:

Dive into a diverse range of activities and workshops designed to nurture your mind, body, and spirit. Whether you’re drawn to yoga sessions at sunrise, transformative workshops, or interactive art installations, Pyramid Festival offers a multifaceted program catering to various interests.

Camping Experience:

Pyramid Festival provides a unique camping experience, allowing attendees to connect with nature and fellow festival-goers. Free showers, diverse food options, and a dedicated medical team contribute to a safe and comfortable camping environment.

Read more details about camping at Pyramid Festival HERE.

Opening Ceremony and Lions Gate Portal:

The festival kicks off with a mesmerizing opening ceremony at the peak of the Lions Gate Portal opening, harnessing the powerful energy of this cosmic alignment. As the portal aligns with the stars, a surge of healing energy blasts through the venue, setting the stage for an immersive and transformative experience.

Workshops and Art Installations:

Delve deeper into the festival’s theme with a wide array of workshops and art installations that explore the interconnectedness of humanity and nature. From yoga and meditation sessions to interactive art exhibits, there’s something for everyone to discover and engage with.

Touristic Sites:

Beyond the festival grounds, Rtanj Mountain offers a plethora of touristic sites for visitors to explore. From ancient monasteries to hidden caves and natural springs, the mountain is steeped in history and mystique, providing endless opportunities for adventure and exploration.

Getting Here and Accommodation:

Visit the the Festival Info page for comprehensive information on transportation options. While camping is included with your ticket, nearby hotels and accommodations offer additional choices for those seeking alternative lodging.

Sustainability and Eco-Consciousness:

Pyramid Festival is dedicated to sustainability, implementing initiatives to preserve the pristine nature of Rtanj Mountain. As stewards of the environment, the festival organizers prioritize eco-conscious practices and aim to minimize the festival’s ecological footprint.

Read about our Eco Initiatives HERE.

Limited Capacity:

To maintain an intimate and immersive atmosphere, Pyramid Festival is capped at 1500 visitors. This ensures that each attendee has ample space to connect with the music, the art, and the community, fostering a sense of unity and camaraderie.

Join us at Pyramid Festival for a transformative experience unlike any other. Immerse yourself in the magic of Rtanj Mountain, connect with like-minded souls, and embark on a journey of healing, discovery, and celebration. Reserve your spot today and prepare to be transported to a realm of infinite possibility.


TICKETS and more info: www.pyramidfestival.com/tickets
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