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with Ecstatic Dance taking over everywhere in the world we decided to share with you information about “Dance the Medicine” project. Bernice Raabis (DJ Bernice) and her partners have been developing ecstatic related projects for several years and now are organizing two events in Spain.

Below we present you an event that is organized to educated “new” DJs about the art of Ecstatic DJ.

If you are already experienced, you might want to join a following event – “Ecstatic DJ Camp” that is held on 11-14 May 2020, also in Spain.

7-day Ecstatic DJ Training (4-10 May 2020) Spain

This training is for you if you are:

• A music fanatic who longs for the opportunity to DJ, creating your own unique style of the Ecstatic Dance journey
• A conscious dance or movement teacher who wants to enhance your classes by creating expertly crafted soundscapes with seamless transitions
• A person who dreams of creating an Ecstatic Dance community and who wants to learn to DJ order to make that dream a reality
• A seasoned Ecstatic Dancer who wants to see what its feels like to be on the other side of the DJ decks

During the seven days, you will:

• Learn from a team of veteran Ecstatic Dance DJs and producers
• Hone your skill in a supportive environment among mentors and peers
• Be taught step-by-step leading to proficient with Traktor Pro 3 DJ Software
• Be taught technical DJ skills and techniques to transition from track to track in a simple and supportive way.
• Learn to promote yourself effectively and network with various to get great gigs and full classes
• Connect with new friends at a gorgeous resort in the centre of a nature reserve
• Eat delicious wholesome meals prepared for you with love and care.

Check out our registration page for pricing & more details: https://www.wetravel.com/trips/ecstatic-dj-training-may-4-10-2020-spain-dance-the-medicine-tordera-34332601

FB event – https://www.facebook.com/events/2566496716897521/
If you would like to level up your training after this Ecstatic DJ Training, we are offering Ecstatic DJ Camp the week after! All details here: tinyurl.com/tzczzvo